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Baby transport

How to Buy a Stroller

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy for your baby is a good stroller.  Knowing how to buy a stroller will help you get your money’s worth in features and safety.  First, it’s important to know that there are economical strollers available that will serve your needs as well as the really expensive brands.

Never buy a used stroller.  Although the reduced price is tempting, you really don’t know what problems may be lurking in the near future.  Graco is an economy brand that will save you money while keeping your baby safe.  Full sized strollers have historically been bulky, as well as expensive, but even the economy brands are making these strollers easier to maneuver, put away and store.

With storage in mind, decide whether the stroller will fit in your car trunk.  How easy is it to fold up.  Look for one you can fold with one hand.  Also, make sure it will allow your baby to lie completely down.  Infants are not able to support the weight of their own heads, so they’ll need to be flat.  Some strollers will accommodate a carrier.  Also, look for a five point strap system.  Some parents report that their kids can wiggle out of a three point system.

Never buy a stroller without laying your hands on it.  Look for sharp edges.  Gently press down on the handle and see if it wants to pop a wheelie.  Make sure padding is sufficient.  The canopy needs to provide lots of coverage from sun, rain and wind.  A little bootie system is also good for keeping your baby’s feet protected.  Also look for a locking mechanism that keeps the stroller from collapsing accidentally.

Tires will vary for lifestyle.  Whether you walk on a sidewalk or run trails, there will be a tire to suit you.  Just know that inflatable tires will need air occasionally.  Since options vary, look closely before choosing your stroller.

Best new Products for Babies

Helping parents care for newborn babies is big business. There are a number of companies that specialize in products just for young children and they are constantly doing research to find new things that will keep the baby safe and help make the lives of parents providing the care a little easier.

The annual kids expo in Las Vegas is the place where most of the new baby products are introduced. The big hit of the latest show was the Zooper to Go high chair. it is designed to fold up quickly and easily, so it can be taken with you when you go out. The chair is for babies from 6 months old up to 45 pounds and sells for about $129.

Another hot new product that people fell in love with at the kids expo was the latest stroller from Micralite. Their Toro model has been a top seller and now with the Super-lite it has taken the luxury stroller to a new level. It weighs just 14 pounds and is completely collapsible for easy storage in the car but carries a hefty price tag at $330.

Clek Oobr is another popular manufacturer of baby products. It specializes in car booster seats. Their seats feature a magnesium frame which is extremely sturdy providing great protection for the baby or toddler riding in a car. The booster seats are for children who weigh between 33 pounds and 100 pounds and sell for around $200.

Have a baby that is tough to comfort and wants to be swayed back and forth all the time? The mamaRoo may be just the answer. Developers say this is as close as you can come to the actual feeling of being rocked in a persons arms. It also features variable speed controls to adjust the movement. It is a hot new product this year and sells for just under $200.