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Moon to Mars http://www.moontomars.org Thu, 12 Apr 2012 19:47:06 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.1 The Basics of Oil Field Waste Disposal Management http://www.moontomars.org/the-basics-of-oil-field-waste-disposal-management.html http://www.moontomars.org/the-basics-of-oil-field-waste-disposal-management.html#comments Mon, 12 Mar 2012 07:34:30 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=430 Image via Wikipedia

The dangerous waste byproducts of oil and gas discovery make the argument for clean energy a valid one. New drilling technologies give oil companies more ways to reach reserves. Because of the controversial drilling technique called hydrolic fracking, health concerns have risen for families living in or near oil fields.

The Bakken in North Dakota is reportedly the biggest untapped oil reserve in America. It stretches from North Dakota to Saskatchewan. Land owners in the area have little control over whether an oil well is on their property, or whether an adjacent well employs fracking.  However, they are finding their voice to protest the dangerous byproducts due to fracking leaks and also, the storage of waste in pits.

How Drilling Waste Is Stored

Drilling creates dangerous waste. Anything put down the drilling hole has to come back up, and when it does, it comes with many dangerous toxins. Those nasty liquids and chemicals have to go somewhere, so instead, they go into pits and salt caverns. These can be naturally occuring or man-made. Overflow due to flooding, and seepage into bedrock can taint water supplies.

What the Government Is Doing About It

Tapping new oil reserves is a necessary tactic to keep energy prices down in America. While researchers work to make alternative energy sources more affordable, the public is still reliant on fossil fuels. Although the news is full of positive reports about clean energy, people are still concerned about their health due to the old energy technology.

Federal regulators are sensitive to potential health hazards, and new rules are provided for the oil companies drilling in the Bakken. To help this case, federal regulators have proposed closed drilling systems. This means that everything that goes down the tube has to come back up the same tube. This system contains the waste.

Know Your Rights As a Landowner

If you own property that has a waste pit, make sure you stay in close contact with the oil company. Contact information is usually posted near the site. These pits can overflow after a big snow melt, and the toxins can get into waterways, eventually reaching farms and ranch land. Many well operators want to be good neighbors, and they will address your concerns.

Talk to your neighbors. If an adjacent landowner allows a waste pit, then make sure he or she is aware of your health concerns. A pit close to your home is unsafe for you and your children. Although you can’t completely stop oil exploration, you can let the state and federal representatives know your concerns.

Remember that you have a vote. Landowners who work together to protect the natural resources of North Dakota and the Bakken can help achieve a safer energy plan. If the number of people against unsafe oil field waste disposal is large enough, your representatives will be more motivated and compelled to do something about the situation.

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Four Ways for Moms to Keep Children in the Best Health http://www.moontomars.org/four-ways-for-moms-to-keep-children-in-the-best-health.html http://www.moontomars.org/four-ways-for-moms-to-keep-children-in-the-best-health.html#comments Mon, 05 Mar 2012 13:15:59 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=426 Everyone stresses over a sick child, whether it’s a long-term illness or a case of the sniffles. Mothers often wait to see if a small sniffle will develop into pneumonia. One of a mother’s greatest concerns is to keep her children healthy. There is no sure-fire way to keep kids 100% healthy all the time, but here are four great ways for moms to keep their kids in the best health they can be!

Good Diet

A good diet is essential for any child’s health. This is a society that is so busy that anyone barely has time to think about eating well. It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat healthy. Getting back to basics and cooking from scratch is a cheap way to eat healthy. If time is an issue, simply prepare ready-to-eat meals or use the crock-pot. Inexpensive granola bars and homemade applesauce are easy to prepare and can be snacks on the go.

If you don’t feel your child is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals they need through their diet, consider a multi-vitamin.


Exercise is key to battling childhood obesity and chronic health issues. Kids these days lead a more sedentary lifestyle than before. Make exercising fun by doing family activities like bowling or going swimming together. Biking and playing in the park are free activities and can be great exercise.

Regular Medical Care

Regular checkups are essential for children’s health. Children need preventative medical care in all areas including dental and vision care. Regular checkups assure your child is up-to-date on important immunizations and can help assure small conditions do not turn into large ones. A small cavity that is not attended to could result in a large root canal.

Even with regular check-ups, accidents can still happen. Children can injure themselves at playtime, or sometimes they get hurt while at school. For these serious incidents, it is important to obtain the necessary medical care that your child requires. For situations like these that come bundled with a large hospital bill, it may be worth your while to look into cash loans from Plain Green Loans.


Children need good sleep habits. Children need between eight to ten hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep results in sluggish behavior and can cause inability to focus and concentrate. When a child’s immune system is weakened by a common cold or flu, sleep becomes even more vital to fight off the illness.

Keeping children healthy all the time is next to impossible. But if you follow these four tips, they will definitely be on their way to better health. Have peace of mind when it comes to your child’s health.

Image via Wikipedia

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Earn Your Degree from Top Online Colleges http://www.moontomars.org/earn-your-degree-from-top-online-colleges.html http://www.moontomars.org/earn-your-degree-from-top-online-colleges.html#comments Sat, 04 Feb 2012 18:44:30 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=416 Image: Josh Mazgelis via Flickr

Online education has come a long way since it was first introduced. What once was a casual online degree program that made employers skeptical is now just as desirable as a traditional education. Employers are now embracing online education programs as a way to improve the education levels of their employees without sacrificing work time in the office; additionally, parents embrace online education offerings since it allows them to further their education at a top school without uprooting their family.

The list of top 50 online colleges in the United States has never looked so prestigious. Prominent universities all over the country are realizing that online education for non-traditional students is every bit as important as traditional on-campus learning.

Here are some of the top online institutions in the United States to look into when you start your initial research.

1.) Penn State World Campus

No matter if you live in the central Pennsylvania area or anywhere around the country, the nationally acclaimed Penn State University World Campus couldn’t be a better place to start your online education. The University offers plenty of on-campus benefits to students that live nearby in addition to a wealth of resources for telecommuting students, including access to the renowned Penn State library. The institution has been offering online classes since the late 90′s and the prestigious school is bound to look amazing on any resume. Prepare to pay for that resume name, however: tuition ranges from $6,000-8,000 per semester.

2.) University of Massachusetts-Amherst (UMASS)

UMASS is a top college in the United States and their application process is no light matter. Expect to work hard and aim high in order to get in here. All students pay the same tuition no matter if they are residents of Massachusetts. The school offers an impressive array of degree options, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.

3.) Boston University

Boston University has won numerous awards for their online learning programs, including the Silver Best-Practices Award for Distance Learning Programming in 2010. The school is a nationally acclaimed university that boasts a selective admission process. Best of all, each course runs seven weeks and students may enroll at any time throughout the year. The university also boasts low student-teacher ratios. Course hour prices for Boston University range from $300-1300.


Don’t let the prices of these top universities scare you off from applying. There are tons of scholarships loans out there to help you further your education — and there are also plenty of acclaimed programs with lower tuition costs. Choose the school that’s right for your future and your budget.

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Easy Access Online Loan For your Gadget http://www.moontomars.org/easy-access-online-loan-for-your-gadget.html http://www.moontomars.org/easy-access-online-loan-for-your-gadget.html#comments Mon, 30 Jan 2012 19:06:42 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=401 iPhones, tablets, smartphones and more—the list of personal handheld gadgets seems to be growing yearly. As each new piece of technology struggles to outdo its predecessors, it is no wonder that the ease of doing everyday business and chores is also becoming easier. Having a phone or tablet computer can be especially valuable in an emergency situation.

Image from Flickr

Gadgets Make Life Easier

The engineers of handheld gadgets realize that people need to access information quickly and accurately from just about anywhere. With such accommodating technology, it becomes easier than ever to conduct daily business without ever picking up the telephone or turning on the desktop PC. You can arrange appointments, make shopping lists and travel arrangements, all from your gadget. If you are in an emergency situation, such as a road accident, you can even secure online installment loans from these Internet-ready devices.

Worldwide Access

Everybody runs into financial difficulties at some point or another, and a quick access to a company that can swiftly transfer money to your account could be important. If you’re stuck out of the country or you need money for medication or an accident, then getting cash fast is imperative.

Simply switch on your gadget and access the nearest Wi-Fi signal. Log on to the Internet, and run a search for online loans. You’ll instantly become aware of companies that have websites that are small-screen friendly. All you need to do is fill up and send the online application. You’ll likely be replied to within minutes, either via the online loan site or through your personal email.

Before you finish the application process, be sure to read the fine print. Only use reputable companies, and avoid those who ask for up-front fees. Be aware of what the interest rate is and what the repayment terms are. If your application has been denied, simply try another site until you find one that will lend you the money.

Follow Loan Repayment Terms

Using the cash to pay for medication or for any other reason is important if you get stuck without the financial means to get yourself out of a sticky situation. If you follow the terms of the loan, pay it back promptly, and avoid any sort of late fees or penalties. This way, you can use the service again if another emergency arises, without any negative repercussions on your credit rating.

Using handheld gadgets for more purposes is becoming easier by the day. They have become so useful, in fact, that most people rely heavily on them. From making a doctor’s appointment to securing an online loan, you can do it all with your handheld Internet-capable gadget.

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Enjoying Your Vacation With Your Family http://www.moontomars.org/enjoying-your-vacation-with-your-family.html http://www.moontomars.org/enjoying-your-vacation-with-your-family.html#comments Mon, 23 Jan 2012 16:24:10 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=396 Family vacations are about a lot of things. On the one hand, it is always great to get away from the stresses of your day-to-day life. But on the other hand, it is also great to get back with your family and remember that you have more in common than your last name.

It is too easy to get so wrapped up in planning your family vacation that even great cruise deals are not enough to tone down your stress level. Relax, and let your vacation be fun.


Image via Flickr

Don’t Treat it Like a Job

Yes, most people spend more than a third of their lives working. Yes, you will probably still be working decades from now. However, just because you are used to making everything about objectives doesn’t mean you should do that with your family involved. Family fun is about being close to each other and sharing some great experiences, not ticking off things you “should” be doing.

Going to the Grand Canyon is great, but not if it feels like a trail of tears. Travel deals are wonderful, but not if they get in the way of enjoying yourself once you get there. Relax a little bit, and the trip will flow so much better.

Look for Some Great Deals

Great deals are everywhere online. Every vacation spot on earth would love to have you visit them. When you have plenty of cash in your pocket because you took cheap New York flights or got a great hotel deal in Milan, you will have more spending money for your trip. You also won’t be as stressed about blowing tons of money on just getting there.

Don’t Be Afraid of Daycations

Sometimes a staycation or a daycation is the easiest way to enjoy some time with your family. In a daycation, you travel somewhere you can get to in less than a day. Sometimes you stay in a motel there, and sometimes you drive back during the night. In a staycation, you “play tourist” in your own town. Do your kids know a lot about the city you already live in? Do you? If you don’t, now might be the perfect time to explore it together.

There are a lot of variables involved in a family vacation. While “where you go” and “what you do” have infinite possibilities, sometimes the simplest things are actually the best. Just make sure your vacation is actually about spending quality time with your family.

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Important Tips for New Moms http://www.moontomars.org/important-tips-for-new-moms.html http://www.moontomars.org/important-tips-for-new-moms.html#comments Mon, 27 Jun 2011 11:26:33 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=361 This baby is one month old. 

Image via Wikipedia

As a new mom, you will undoubtedly be faced with a lot of unfamiliar trials. That’s a normal part of being a new parent, and a learning curve that every family has to go through. However, there are a few tips that can help you get through the stress.

  • Allow yourself to get away. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick five or ten minute break to regroup so that you are able to handle the demand of a new baby. Don’t guilt yourself for taking a couple minutes to yourself to read something interesting, like Moontomars.org, or walk out under the sun. You’ll be surprised with how refreshed you will feel!
  • Remember to turn off mommy mode. All parents need a break, especially new ones that are stressed. You aren’t going to be helpful when you’re too frustrated to think straight, and you certainly won’t be able to calm down a crying infant if you’re emanating stress from every pore.
  • Your baby loves you. Parenting a newborn is rewarding task, even if it does get frustrating sometimes. Your baby doesn’t expect you to be perfect – they just want you to be there. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do the first time around – in fact, you’re in good company because even second time parents don’t have all the answer!

The most important thing you can do right now is remember to breathe. Eventually, your baby will sleep the entire night and be able to communicate their needs to you in a more effective manner.




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Adjusting to a New Baby http://www.moontomars.org/adjusting-to-a-new-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/adjusting-to-a-new-baby.html#comments Thu, 16 Jun 2011 11:26:35 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=360 Baby-global 

Image via Wikipedia

It can be hard to adjust to having a new baby in the house, especially if you’ve never had any children before. Your sleep pattern will be disrupted, and it will be difficult to think of anything other than taking care of the baby. However, it’s very important that you remember to take care of both yourself and your partner so that your relationship and health are not compromised with the added stress.

  • Make time for a date away from the baby. You can find a babysitter you trust, or ask a family member to watch your infant – the important thing is that you get out for some time alone so that you can reconnect with your partner.
  • Join a parenting group in your community. This can be a great way to connect with other new parents, make some new friends, and receive help with the adjustment phase. Sometimes, all it takes is the reassurance that someone else is going through the same stressful situation. Parenting groups are a great place to find tips on feeding your new baby, and learning how to prevent common health problems as well, like constipation.
  • Visit Moontomars.org. You can find helpful advice and articles that will help you learn more about your infant.

Taking care of a tiny being that can’t voice its needs is a difficult task, and having a trusted resource to read can be very helpful. As a new parent, you aren’t expected to know how to do everything! Books and online articles can be wonderful preparation for the actual event, and can become a valuable tool to lean on during tough times.




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Tips for Parents with Babies that Don’t Sleep Through the Night http://www.moontomars.org/tips-for-parents-with-babies-that-dont-sleep-through-the-night.html http://www.moontomars.org/tips-for-parents-with-babies-that-dont-sleep-through-the-night.html#comments Mon, 13 Jun 2011 10:39:22 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=356 Shiny and colored objects usually attract Infa... 

Image via Wikipedia

Unfortunately, most babies are not born with the ability to sleep through an entire night. However, there are ways to ensure that you will get enough sleep to remain functional when your baby is awake.

  • Try sleeping when they do. Many new parents find that it is easier to sleep when their newborn does, instead of trying to uphold their previously normal sleep schedule. Frequent cat naps are a great way to rejuvenate the spirit and make it easier to deal with stress – which is an added bonus of getting some shut eye while the baby sleeps.
  • Alternate sleep shifts with a partner. If you have a spouse or partner in the house, then you should consider taking turns staying awake with the baby. This will even out the new responsibilities and make it a lot easier to for everyone to get the sleep that they need. If you don’t have anyone living with you that can share the responsibility, you can always ask a close family member or friend to stay with you for a couple of weeks.
  • Seek advice from other parents. One of the best ways to learn how to cope with a new baby that doesn’t sleep is to simply ask other parents how they do it. Reading trusted authorities on the subject of parenting is another great resource for the new parent, and Moontomars.org is a great place to start.

Even though it may seem like an impossible task right now, you will eventually get a good night’s sleep again. Just be patient and learn to go with the flow until both you and your newborn adjust to each other.




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Ways to Make Your Cleaning Chores Easier http://www.moontomars.org/ways-to-make-your-cleaning-chores-easier.html http://www.moontomars.org/ways-to-make-your-cleaning-chores-easier.html#comments Wed, 25 May 2011 10:56:04 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=344
A cleaning cloth and a cleaning sponge.

Image via Wikipedia


Keeping up on house work is a tough job for new moms. They are tired, not usually feeling perky, and have a hard time finding the time to make sure the house remains in order. This is especially true if the baby is brand new, and is demanding a lot of care. There are some things however that busy mommy’s can do to keep up on all the tasks around the house, without sucking up too much time to do so, and the best way to accomplish this is with basic chores lists.

Breaking House Work Down

Breaking down the tasks into sizable chunks is a great way to do bits and pieces, allowing the house to get cleaned during the week, and not all in one day. This also means that a busy mom can devote the time she needs to her family and not just the floors. Here is a sample list that works well:

1. Monday: clean bathrooms. This might sound basic enough, but the bathroom is an area that is alway lurking and rarely gets attended to.

2. Tuesday: clean kitchen. Make this a top to bottom cleaning. This will help keep things organized for the rest of the week. Consider making this the grocery shopping day as well.

3. Wednesday: Laundry catch up, and tidy master bedroom. This is a great way to get all that laundry cleaned and ready to go.

Create a list for the rest of the week. You will find out what works best for you, and what type of routine you prefer.

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Planning the Perfect Mommy’s Night Out http://www.moontomars.org/planning-the-perfect-mommys-night-out.html http://www.moontomars.org/planning-the-perfect-mommys-night-out.html#comments Sun, 15 May 2011 10:56:02 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=342 Being a new mommy can be exhausting. One of the biggest complaints that new mother’s have is that there is no real conversations with adults, and they find that this is something they crave. The perfect solution for allowing new mom’s that ideal adult time, while still getting a break, with a mommy’s night out.

Planning The Perfect Night Out

A mother holds up her child. 

Image via Wikipedia

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the extra help that others around offer to provide. There are a couple of different ways to go about planning this, and much of it depends on the stage that your baby is in. For instance:

1. If baby can sleep through the night and is bottle fed, then this might be a good time to ask a fellow mom to help out. This creates a nice relationship with another new mom because when she would like her night out, you can return the favor.

2. If baby has health issues, needs breast milk, or still very young, then depend upon a significant other or a grandparent. These people will be better suited to handle the challenges of working with a new born, and they also will not mind if you call a few times to check in.

It is important that new moms get their time with friends. There are days that are stressful, and it is important that you network to find friends and family members that will support you when you need your time. Some experts have suggested that new mothers get one afternoon a week to themselves in order to maintain positive mental health.

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Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms http://www.moontomars.org/cleaning-tips-for-busy-moms.html http://www.moontomars.org/cleaning-tips-for-busy-moms.html#comments Fri, 13 May 2011 21:45:11 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=334 Being a mom seems to be a tougher job today than ever before. Not only are moms expected to work to contribute to a family’s finances, taking care of the kids is still a full-time job. Talk about a second shift. Moms barely have time to rest, let alone any disposable time for hobbies. However, rather than fret over the lack of time, savvy moms make the most out of the time they have with the tips below.

Instill Smart Habits

Children might be precious angels, but that doesn’t mean assigning chores at a young age violates child labor laws. Put the kids to work in some light tasks to give them a strong work ethic from a young age. It does not have to be all heavy labor tasks like hanging dry wall in apartments for rent, but things like “family cooking time” can be a fun, and useful, way for mothers to bond with their children.

Just make sure that the kids help with the clean-up later. If they complain, remind them that those who help to make the mess need to help clean it up. Even though it might not be easy, teaching kids good habits at a young age might be the best way to keep your house clean, while teaching an important lesson at the same time.

Its Own Reward

Mothers do not get the pay they deserve for raising smart and healthy children. Rather than a financial reward, moms will have to settle for well-behaved and helpful kids, who don’t mind cleaning up around the house.


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Just for Mom: Taking a Mini Vacation http://www.moontomars.org/just-for-mom-taking-a-mini-vacation.html http://www.moontomars.org/just-for-mom-taking-a-mini-vacation.html#comments Wed, 11 May 2011 06:50:48 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=331 Having a mom mini-vacation is extremely important for your health. It is easy for a mother to get into a habit of only focusing on everyone else. This is a dangerous habit because you need time to relax, reflect and sleep. Think back to before you were a mom, if you can remember, and it’s likely you did things on your own or with your friends on a regular basis. You had a good balance of social, work and alone time. That balance is even more important when you become a mom.

Never feel guilty about occasionally needing some time away from your children. This gives you the ability to refresh and clear your mind. Your children will still love you when you return home from the spa or dinner with your girlfriends. Mom time is so important because it gives you the ability to still have your identity. Sure, you are still mom, but you are also a person.

Not only does me time benefit you, it also benefits your children, your partner, your work and your life. You will begin to notice when you need a mini vacation because you will start feeling overwhelmed, trapped and irritated. Get out of the house and allow canada 411 to help you find a place you can relax. You should be getting about six hours of me time a week. It may seem like too much, but it is less than one hour a day.

Your family needs to be able to operate without you once in awhile. Give your partner the chance to be in charge. Everyone benefits from your mini vacation.

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Where to Find Food Recalls http://www.moontomars.org/where-to-find-food-recalls.html http://www.moontomars.org/where-to-find-food-recalls.html#comments Tue, 10 May 2011 12:27:34 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=337
Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico is a fede...

Image via Wikipedia

Food recalls happen all the time, but we don’t hear about them unless it’s a popular product, like Tylenol or dog food. Not so long ago a baby formula company recalled infant formula for having beetles and larvae mixed in. Before that, there was a dog food recall because a food additive was poisoning dogs to death.

As we learned from previous recalls, sometimes stores don’t find out about such recalls until the food has been found on store shelves all over the US after the public recall.

As class action lawyers in Los Angeles can tell us, there have been loads of people made sick by eating or drinking foods that have been later recalled. Then the public is informed.

How Can I Keep Abreast of Food Recalls?

The website, www.recalls.gov is a good way to keep informed on the foods that get cut. The site offers people with a way to report a problem with a food they believe should be recalled; all they have to do is click a link.

The site also offers a listing of the foods currently on recall and a way to contact the authorities, such as the Food Safety and Inspection Service, the US Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

The site also have an opt-in listing where the public can join to receive email notifications of new food recalls, and they even offer a new widget that people can put on their website that receives a feed of all the new recall announcements.

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Mommies Deserve a Mini Vacation http://www.moontomars.org/mommies-deserve-a-mini-vacation.html http://www.moontomars.org/mommies-deserve-a-mini-vacation.html#comments Wed, 04 May 2011 10:55:57 +0000 admin http://www.moontomars.org/?p=341 New moms will agree that taking a break from the riggers of early motherhood can be a good thing. Once baby is sleeping through night, that may be a good time to consider a quick night away, or even a weekend. Some great ideas to look into include a local spa, Bed and Breakfast, or even a girls night out.


Image via Wikipedia

Getting Ready For A Break

Getting ready for that perfect little mini vacation means that both baby and mommy need to be ready. One of the best indicators of whether or not the baby is ready is by analyzing their sleep pattern. If baby can get a full eight hours, then Daddy, a baby sitter, or another relative will be up for the challenge of caretaker for a night.

Show the person that will be caring for your baby how to properly bath, change, and feed the baby, so that you have complete peace of mind while away. If the baby has any health concerns, this is a good time to address all issues that may arise. If your baby is still breast feeding, make sure to leave enough pumped milk behind so that there is a fresh supply.

After all of the major issues have been discussed, it is now time to take that break that you surely deserve. While you are away try to focus on relaxing and engaging with other adults. This will go a long way to helping you rejuvenate and get ready to dive back in to being a new mom.

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Does the Type of Clothing Your Child Wear Prove You’re Parenting Properly? http://www.moontomars.org/does-the-type-of-clothing-your-child-wear-prove-youae%e2%84%a2re-parenting-properly.html http://www.moontomars.org/does-the-type-of-clothing-your-child-wear-prove-youae%e2%84%a2re-parenting-properly.html#comments Thu, 28 Apr 2011 18:08:20 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=312 You most likely know the answer to the question in the title. Outward appearances, except of course for those concerning cleanliness and signs that children are receiving proper nourishment, tell little if anything about any mommy or daddy’s ability to be a good parent.

Important things, like providing the best infant care possible, are what determine a person’s parenting abilities. Thankfully, couples or single parents don’t have to go through this alone. Nowadays, there is information available on every parenting issue imaginable, from whether or not to breast feed to where you can find the best prices on Nike clothing for your little sports star. You can get advice and tips on where to shop for baby food and children’s clothing, as well as how to keep sane.

Nike clothing now comes in the smallest baby sizes, so you can dress your little budding sports figure in his own football or baseball jersey, even before he’s old enough to grasp the ball itself. That’s okay, though, because good parenting includes indulging your child and yourself every once in a while. Many new parents enjoy buying brand name items, such as Nike clothing, even though Junior will probably only get one or two wears out of it before he outgrows it. True Nike apparel is durable, making handing it down very easy.

When you’ve finally reached that stage where your baby is sleeping through the night, you’ll enjoy watching your little one while he rests. Hold on these memories; they’ll get you through the parenting issues yet to come.

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Let Sleeping Dogs or Babies Sleep http://www.moontomars.org/let-sleeping-dogs-or-babies-sleep.html http://www.moontomars.org/let-sleeping-dogs-or-babies-sleep.html#comments Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:44:32 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=303 Many nervous new parents want to make sure the infant is all right when he or she is asleep. If you are one of these parents, you can check if the baby is all right – without actually waking the baby. If you watch the baby’s chest, you can see it rise and fall. If that does resolve concerns, you can place your hand on the infant’s back or chest and feel the movement. Some people place a mirror or their hand near the nose or mouth to test for breath.  Waking the baby up during the night can establish a routine of waking during the night and will take longer for the baby to adjust to sleeping through the night.  Babies need as much as 16 hours a day or more of sleep.

During the first month or two, your baby probably will not have a regular sleep pattern, but as the baby gets a little older, a pattern will emerge, and if necessary, sleep training can be used to get your infant onto an appropriate schedule.

Some parents prefer to stick to strict schedules and others prefer to let the infant set their own schedule. Either way, when working toward getting your baby to sleep through the night, as bedtime schedule or routine is a good idea. If you give the baby a bath or read a story before putting the baby to bed, do it consistently, each day at the same time and in the same way. You and your baby will come to learn this is the routine that signals bedtime for the night versus just a nap.

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Refinancing Your Car Loan to Save Money http://www.moontomars.org/refinancing-your-car-loan-to-save-money.html http://www.moontomars.org/refinancing-your-car-loan-to-save-money.html#comments Mon, 04 Apr 2011 13:59:18 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=284 During difficult financial times, it’s important to find ways to save money and keep a balanced budget. This is especially true if you or your spouse have recently been laid off. While you scramble to get unemployment or a new job lined up, refinancing your family car can be a great way to save money and stay current on bills. If a loss of income makes it difficult to pay your bills or put food on the table, lowering your monthly car payment is probably the easiest way to minimize your financial obligations.

Refinancing a car loan can work in two different ways. First, you may have a loan that lowers the interest rate. If you have good credit or strong job history, you may qualify for a very low interest rate. This reduces the amount you pay over the life of the loan in addition to lowering your monthly payments. Car refinance loans can also extend the life of the loan. In this case, the payment of the loan is stretched out over a longer period of time; this results in lower monthly payments.

The family car is an important part of work, school, and family activities. If money is tight, refinancing the loan can mean the difference between defaulting on the loan and staying up-to-date on payments. Lenders are typically willing to work with families that are dealing with a decrease in income. They would rather refinance and help you keep up with payments than have to repossess the car and lose money on it. When you get laid off, refinancing your car loan can really help your family.

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Preparing for Your First Child http://www.moontomars.org/preparing-for-your-first-child.html http://www.moontomars.org/preparing-for-your-first-child.html#comments Mon, 28 Mar 2011 06:32:51 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=292 If there is anything like anxiety and excitement, then wait until you become a father or mother expecting your very first bundle of joy. To be an expectant parent is to be in a mix of emotions. On one hand, you will be expressing feelings of joy and happiness and on the other hand, you will be dampened by the unknown and in no time, you may become tensed.

It must be said at this point that the way you prepare for your child is also quite instrumental to the delivery of such an offspring. To make sure that all goes well, here are some tips that you can make use of as a parent that is eagerly awaiting for the arrival of a bouncing baby.

The first step is aimed at reducing the tension that you have as an expectant father or mother. You can do this by ensuring that the mother who is heavy with the child goes for the various antenatal sessions on a regular basis. While going for antenatal services, you can also request for an ultrasound scan in other to ascertain the sex and number of the baby. This step is very important in the sense that once you know whether the child is a boy or a girl and you know you are not expecting twins, then your load of anxiety has been reduced by half.

Once the sex and number of the fetus has been ascertained, the next thing will be to start buying baby materials and accessories. Some couples begin such shopping as early as possible but you have to select a time that you will be comfortable with. Also, it is important for the mother to desist from strenuous activities in order not to injure herself or even the baby. In extreme cases, vigorous exercise on the part of the mother can lead to a miscarriage.

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Life as a New Mother http://www.moontomars.org/life-as-a-new-mother.html http://www.moontomars.org/life-as-a-new-mother.html#comments Thu, 24 Mar 2011 06:32:49 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=291 For millions of ladies in the world, one of the days that they look forward to if they have not given birth before is the day they will cuddle their own babies in their own caring arms. For those that were once new mothers, the experience is one that will linger on in their minds forever. Life as a new mother is one of the exciting and challenging things that a female can experience.

One thing with the life of a new mother is that there is this rush or wave of excitement in the mother. She cannot stop gazing at or stealing intermittent looks at the innocent bundle of joy that she can now refer to as her own. New mothers see their first child as a crowning glory or a sort of achievement for all their efforts.

Another thing with being a new mother is that it signifies your upgrade to another stage in life, you are now the latest member of one of the largest clubs on the planet –the club of mothers. However, one feature with this ‘rite of passage’ is that many women react differently to becoming members. While some are very positive and refreshed about the new development, some others are enveloped by fear or uncertainty.

Several factors can be responsible for these different reactions. For a lady that has a supportive spouse in addition to giving birth to a child that has no defect, the joy is better experienced than imagined. On the other hand, a woman that gave birth to a child with a disease or a congenital defect will not be happy and see motherhood as an additional burden. The case is even made worse in a situation where the product of pregnancy has been rejected by the father or in a circumstance where the father cannot be traced, as in a rape or promiscuous lifestyle.

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Importance of Breastfeeding http://www.moontomars.org/importance-of-breastfeeding.html http://www.moontomars.org/importance-of-breastfeeding.html#comments Sun, 20 Mar 2011 06:32:48 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=290 One of the traits that we share with other mammals is the manner and pattern of feeding the child. If your mind went to breastfeeding then you are right. Breastfeeding is an integral part of our lives, this is because it is very likely that you must have been a recipient of breast milk when you were at a younger age.

Breastfeeding has been with human beings right from the very first day and little has changed even in this age of high technology and advancement in science. The important of breastfeeding cannot be overlooked or underestimated. The World Health Organization has said that exclusive breastfeeding for a child for some months after birth is the best meal a child can get. So, why is breastfeeding so important and why do some women refuse to breastfeed their offsprings?

Breast milk is important for a number of reasons. One of such has to do with the composition of the breast milk itself. It has been shown that breast milk contains all the needed vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that a baby needs. As if that is not enough, the components are all in the right proportion and not one is in excess. In other words, by giving breast milk to your child, you do not have to get any vitamin supplement to give him or her again. And in addition to this, the breast milk blends totally with the system of the baby and so there is no fear of gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea and on that can be experienced with infant formulas. By breastfeeding your child, you also pass some protective substances to the child and this is in addition to having a closer bond.

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Keeping Your Pet Safe With Costumes http://www.moontomars.org/keeping-your-pet-safe-with-costumes.html http://www.moontomars.org/keeping-your-pet-safe-with-costumes.html#comments Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:24:48 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=223 As a (pet) parent, the last thing you want to do is to jeopardize your pet’s safety when it comes time for Halloween or some other occasion. Indeed, there are some elements that can lead to an unsafe pet costume.

The number of Halloween outfits for pets is quite startling. With the number of choices of pet costumes, there are also a number of safety issues that are potentially presented, placing more importance on taking note of these elements. Don’t get too caught up in elaborate setups unless your pet can handle it.

One of the most important aspects of pet costumes is the neck area. Staying away from costumes that are tight in the neck area, such as a turtleneck sweater, is a must unless you are sure your pet is comfortable. Comfort around the neck area will ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.

As you are a (pet) parent, there is another aspect that your pet has in common with a child: small parts. Once you have purchased your pet a costume for Halloween, make sure to look over the costume for any small parts that may be bitten off of the fabric.

Complete a test run once you purchase your pet costume. Most retailers will accept returns if it is in its original condition, which will give you a chance to send it back if it does not fit correctly. Make special note of how the costume fits and any possible hindrances for your pet, such as fabric touching the floor or an uncomfortable hat, for instance.

A pet costume is a wonderful way for your pet to add some style to the occasion. If you have children your pet may be able to accompany you and the children as you get some treats, should you be dressing everyone up for Halloween.

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Caring for the Infant http://www.moontomars.org/caring-for-the-infant.html http://www.moontomars.org/caring-for-the-infant.html#comments Wed, 16 Mar 2011 06:32:46 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=289 Even though an infant is a thing of joy and always fun to play with, it can be an uphill task to take care of one. For those that care for one, the message is clearer. To care for an infant, you have to possess certain virtues. These include mercy, patience, love, kindness and the last of all but not the least, care.

These features are quite important because of the fact that taking care of an infant can be very challenging and even frustrating in some instances. This is particularly true for a case in which the infant cannot express himself or herself properly.

However, once you are in the right frame of mind, caring for an infant can actually be very interesting. But, you need to know the needs of the child and respond to them appropriately and as soon as possible. This is because infants are driven more by instinct rather than logic or reason. That is why an infant can wake up in the middle of the night demanding to be fed even when the mother is fast asleep. Such is the life of an infant, they see the world with a different lens.

In taking care of one, you do not have to be discouraged in the short term. A time will come when that little infant of yours will grow up into an adult. At that point, you will be glad you took care of him while still a tiny toddler. Infants can be messy at times, some of them are fond of rearranging the house and playing all day while some prefer to cry for no reason. Whichever the type you have decided to cater for, be patient.

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Health Tips for the Newborn http://www.moontomars.org/health-tips-for-the-newborn.html http://www.moontomars.org/health-tips-for-the-newborn.html#comments Wed, 09 Mar 2011 06:32:45 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=288 In many societies and communities, the arrival of a newly born child is usually followed with a great celebration in a carnival-like atmosphere. And truly speaking, there is no way you will not be charmed upon setting your eyes on the innocent smiles of a newly born. However, just as celebration is important, it is even more important that the continuous existence of the child is ensured.

A very good way of making sure that the child is adequately taken care is to focus on the health and vitality of the child. This is even more important in the light of the fact that as a newborn, a baby’s immune system is just developing and is still weak. Thus, they may be prone to some infections and disease states when adequate measures are not taken to protect them against such.

In taking care  of a newborn with focus on the health, you need to ensure that the child has his or her bath regularly with a specially formulated soap. The soap should not be too strong on the skin just as the water should not be too cold or hot. It must be emphasized that it is of utmost importance that the water used in bathing is very clean and free of germs. Apart from the issue of bathing, another aspect that  must be taken care of is the preparation of the child’s meal. Clean water must be used and it is also important that the mother that will breastfeed washes the mammary glands properly to clear off germs or micro-organisms. Apart from these domestic measures, you need to ensure that your child gets the necessary immunizations and inoculations, especially those against childhood killer diseases.

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Sewing for Baby http://www.moontomars.org/sewing-for-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/sewing-for-baby.html#comments Mon, 07 Mar 2011 20:56:17 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=219 When you learn that you are expecting a child, there is a great likelihood that your mind is filled with a thousand different thoughts and feelings. Preparing for the child’s birth is going to consume much of your attention and fill your thoughts for the next nine months. The waiting period can be frustrating because you are excited to bring your new bundle of joy into the world, and so there are a lot of things that you may want to consider while you are waiting.

Preparing for the birth of your child is more than just being healthy, quitting bad habits and ensuring that the baby is healthy. Another thing that you should be doing is preparing the baby’s room, clothing and other needs including; cribs, car seats and other equipment that you need to care for baby. You might want to consider taking up sewing during this time so that you can benefit your baby and the rest of your family in the future. Baby clothing and baby costumes can be really expensive, especially when you just get started making purchases and you literally have to buy an entire wardrobe for your child.

Learning how to sew can open up a completely new world of possibilities for you. You can sew a wide variety of different handmade things for your baby including baby blankets, onesies, baby costumes, baby pillows and bedding sets, teddy bears, bibs and so much more. Having a basic understanding of sewing is going to open up a whole new world of capabilities for you, and as you expand your sewing abilities, you will be able to create unique gifts and other necessities for your child and your family. You can create colorful and fun clothing, blankets, costumes and other things for your brand new bundle of joy.  Saving money for your family and bringing more creativity and uniqueness into the things that you give your child will give you a new sense of pride.

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Life as a Parent http://www.moontomars.org/life-as-a-parent.html http://www.moontomars.org/life-as-a-parent.html#comments Mon, 07 Mar 2011 06:32:43 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=287 Even if you are not a parent, you did not fall from the heavens. Someone gave birth to you. To be a parent is a good thing but the challenges and stress involved have made some people have relationships devoid of children. However, for those that have passion for children, being a parent is like the best occupation anyone can have. Unlike other jobs, there is no break from the job of parenthood.

Right from the first day at the labor room, parents go through hell just to fend for their young ones. If there is any one that has really sacrificed for us, no other person come to the mind, except our parents.

In the world that we have found ourselves today, many parents have to juggle their professional life with the domestic front. Life as a parent is not easy, especially in a time like this. Parents are saddled with numerous responsibilities. It is their job and duties to ensure that the children are well-fed, clothed, sheltered, educated as well as a host of other things. One very amazing characteristic with good parents is that they can go any length for the welfare of their children, in some instances, parents give up what they have in order to provide for their children.

If you can just sit down for a few minutes and consider the sacrifices your parents have made and the innumerable risks that they have taken because of you, then you will know that being a parent is serious matter. But the funny thing with life is that you may not fully grasp this idea until you become a parent yourself someday and you begin to go through the same cycle.

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Helping Your Family Avoid Bankruptcy http://www.moontomars.org/helping-your-family-avoid-bankruptcy.html http://www.moontomars.org/helping-your-family-avoid-bankruptcy.html#comments Fri, 25 Feb 2011 13:15:40 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=112 If you see that you’re having serious problems with your finances, there are all kinds of things that you can do. Depending on who you know and whether you have any savings or investments that you can tap into, you may be able to dig yourself out without making any changes. If you don’t have family or friends who can help you, though, and you don’t have any extra cash saved up, you may need to do something more drastic. Debt consolidation is one of the options you’ll want to consider, since it can allow you to straighten out your finances without needing to file for bankruptcy.

Talk to a debt professional about your issues, and see what can be done. If you’re willing to do that, and you’ll be completely honest about your financial situation, you may be able to get something done. That will also give you a timeline for how long it will be until your debt is paid off – and that can provide you with a lot of reasons to be hopeful. Of course, debt consolidation isn’t the only thing that you can do. You can also consider refinancing your mortgage and your auto loans.

Car refinancing is one of the easiest things to do, and if you can get a lower interest rate, you’ll pay out less money each month. You can take that money and use it to pay on another bill, so your debt will come down faster. It’s always nice to pay out less, or to pay out the same amount and have it go much further than it did in the past. Don’t underestimate the value of doing something like that, as a great way to get started on a plan that can help you avoid bankruptcy and get back into a more comfortable financial life.

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Letting Others Help With Baby http://www.moontomars.org/letting-others-help-with-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/letting-others-help-with-baby.html#comments Wed, 23 Feb 2011 10:24:11 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=274 Your first few weeks as a new mom will be some of the most challenging, yet most rewarding you will ever experience. The sleepless nights and days filled with excitement will be something you remember for life. There are many things you can do to make this time easier on you and the rest of your family, but the most important thing of all is to allow others to help you anytime it is possible.

I know that when you are a new mom, you feel like you should be there every second of the day, but this is not healthy for you or your new baby. You need the chance to get uninterrupted sleep every now and then so that you will be fresh and able to handle all of the tasks of being a parent. When I first got home from the hospital I hesitated in accepting help from my friends and family, but I quickly learned that it was good for us both for me to be a well rested mommy.

If you are breast feeding you may need to pump milk so that you can have your rest. This is a great thing too. It will be a great bonding experience for the dad to get to spend time feeding your new child too. Fathers miss out on the closeness we experience as nursing moms, so this gives them the chance to bond with the baby too. Also, it will make it easier for your child to be familiar with taking some of her meals from a bottle, so when you are ready to switch, or you go back to work this will not be such a challenge.

You are certainly a wonderful mother, but give the father and the rest of the family a chance to prove how wonderful they are too. Your baby will love all of the new faces and attention and you will be at your best having gotten some rest and relaxation.

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Bath Time for Newborns http://www.moontomars.org/bath-time-for-newborns.html http://www.moontomars.org/bath-time-for-newborns.html#comments Wed, 16 Feb 2011 10:24:09 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=273 A very scary thing for new parents is bathing their baby. This seems like a much more complicated matter than it actually is. Most of the complications arise because of the many products that the baby care industry has developed. If you had a baby shower, you likely received a baby bathtub, fancy soaps, a temperature gauge, complex looking towels, washcloths and more baby toys than you imagined existed.

For a newborn, most if not all of this is pointless. Of everything I got at my baby shower, the only thing I used for my baby was the temperature gauge. I did purchase a simple baby bathtub too, because the one I received for a gift was bulky and inconvenient even though it was “fancy.”

A little bit of warm water and some Johnson’s baby bath on a soft washcloth and we were good to go. At this age bath time was quick because she didn’t really enjoy it. On most days, she was in and out of the bath in less than five minutes.

As she got older, we started having fun in the tub. This is when those rubber ducks and water toys really start getting used. As a toddler, your child may really being to have fun in the bath. By the time my daughter was three, we had to pull her out of the tub kicking and screaming most days.

When I look back at my first days as a new parent, I cannot believe how much I worried about the bath. I was so afraid it would be complicated and that I was going to hurt her somehow. I wish I could have assured myself that it is really an easy job, and one that I would one day actually enjoy. If you are a parent to be, do not stress over this part of your job. You will love this chance to bond with your newborn.

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Taking a Newborn to the Doctor http://www.moontomars.org/taking-a-newborn-to-the-doctor.html http://www.moontomars.org/taking-a-newborn-to-the-doctor.html#comments Thu, 10 Feb 2011 10:24:08 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=272 The first time your new baby gets sick can be one of the scariest and most stressful times as a parent. It is never fun when your child is sick, but when they are tiny and you have no idea what is going on with them, you will most likely be very scared. However, you must remain calm and you will be able to get the problem taken care of more easily.

First, you should call your child’s main physician first.  Depending on what is going on they may have you bring your baby to the office, or due to the small size you may be asked to bring your child to the emergency room. If this is the case, don’t panic!  It doesn’t mean that it is truly an emergency, but when you are dealing with really young babies sometimes it is better to get them seen in a quicker fashion.

Whichever location you are asked to bring your child, do it quickly but don’t go crazy running red lights trying to get there. If it were truly an emergency your doctor would have sent an ambulance.

Once you are there you will likely be seen very quickly. Babies can’t handle dehydration especially, so the doctor likely wants to see what is going on and begin a course of treatment. Once you go back and the doctor is looking over your baby you will have a better idea what is happening. More than likely the doctor will be able to give him or her something on the spot to help with the problems. You may be given a prescription too, which you should fill and make sure you give the baby on schedule.

You may be tempted, but don’t give your child over the counter medications unless your doctor specifically recommends it. There are certain medications that can actually hurt the healing process or may interact with the prescription drugs you have been given.

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The Different Flavors of Life Insurance http://www.moontomars.org/the-different-flavors-of-life-insurance.html http://www.moontomars.org/the-different-flavors-of-life-insurance.html#comments Wed, 09 Feb 2011 10:28:19 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=110 Life insurance has a lot of different kinds of incarnations, each one of which bears something different for you. Depending on what you and your family’s needs might be, you can get a wide variety of different types of life insurance policies listed out for you, and then compare insurance quotes for the lot of them. Certainly there is one that will fit your needs very well, no matter what they might be. Of course, you do need to be very choosy with the type of insurance that you buy, because you have a lot to think about before you ultimately make your decision. After all, your family is counting on you to make the best decision, in spite of the discomfort this undoubtedly causes you.

There are accidental death and dismemberment policies. These types of policies are good because they have far lower premiums, and they only pay out if you die from an accident, as opposed to a health problem or suicide. If you want a more complete form of insurance, you can go with either term life or whole life. A term life policy protects you for a specified amount of time, but will ultimately expire (pardon the terminology). A whole life policy, on the other hand, will last for your entire lifetime and builds up cash value.

Of course, the price that you pay for your life insurance is a very pliable thing. While you can control whether or not you use tobacco, you can not change your age or your other factors. However, you can change the amount of coverage you wish to have, so that your family is well prepared in the event of your passing. Naturally, you are going to want to compare insurance quotes, and figure out which one is the very best for you and your family’s needs. You might not want as much as you can get, but you definitely want enough.

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Breastfeeding Options http://www.moontomars.org/breastfeeding-options.html http://www.moontomars.org/breastfeeding-options.html#comments Tue, 08 Feb 2011 10:24:06 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=271 Many new moms would really like to breast feed their newborn, but they simply can’t get the hang of it. What is most unfortunate about this situation is that moms who can’t breastfeed are often treated like second class citizens by breastfeeding moms. I think most moms understand that breast milk is best, but for some people it just does not work out.

There are now formula blends that come very close to the nutrients offered in breast milk. They may not be perfect, but the blends now have so many important vitamins and nutrients in them.

One great benefit to bottle feeding is that it allows the father and other family members to experience the connection of feeding the new baby.  Feeding time fosters closeness and is a great way to connect. When the mother breastfeeds, the father misses out on all this great bonding time.

An alternative to breastfeeding and bottle feeding both is using a breast pump. This will allow the baby to get all the nutrition of the breast milk, but the mother has bit more control over when and how she expresses her milk. This is a great choice if the mom can’t breastfeed due to breast size or shape.

Breast pumps are available that are very basic, up to complicated pieces of machinery. If you are considering using a breast pump you may talk to a lactation counselor about what options are available for you and which one may work best in your case.

Lactation counslors are great to talk to anyhow, because they may be able to help you work through your breastfeeding problems and allow you to at least offer breast milk to your new baby for the early days. But as I mentioned before, just because breast feeding does not work out for you is no reason to feel down or feel like you aren’t providing a great start for your new baby.

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Offering a Pacifier http://www.moontomars.org/offering-a-pacifier.html http://www.moontomars.org/offering-a-pacifier.html#comments Thu, 03 Feb 2011 10:24:05 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=270
A pacifier

Image via Wikipedia

One decision many parents have to make is whether to offer their new baby a pacifier. There are pros and cons to offering one. This post will discuss some of the different reasons you may choose to offer or not offer one to your new baby.

Babies love to use their mouth. The sucking motion is very relaxing for most babies, so if they are fussy and unable to get comfortable a pacifier may be a great option to help them relax and sleep. If babies are crying, sometimes they don’t actually need food or anything, but they just need this oral stimulation and a pacifier is a great way for them to get this.

However, many dentists warn against the use of a pacifier because it can effect the way the teeth come in. This is more of a problem in older infants and in babies who use pacifiers for many hours each day. However, it is certainly something to consider. Another problem with pacifiers is that it can be hard to ween your child off of them when they get older. This will be a rough time in their childhood, and for some the benefits do not outweigh the problems.

Some parents prefer their child to suck on their fingers or thumb, rather than using a pacifier. This is certainly an option. One benefit to this is you never have to worry about the pacifier getting lost, since it will be stuck on the end of their arm. Weening can be even more difficult in this case though, for exactly the same reason. This is why you often see older children who still suck their thumbs. This is definantly a problem and can cause problems with dental development.

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Choosing a Bottle http://www.moontomars.org/choosing-a-bottle.html http://www.moontomars.org/choosing-a-bottle.html#comments Tue, 01 Feb 2011 10:23:51 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=269
A baby having milk from a bottle.

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One piece of baby equipment that has changed an incredible amount over the last couple of decades is the baby bottle. In the past, bottles were simply a bottom area that held liquid with a lid and nipple on top. Now there seems to be a hundred different types of bottles with different uses.

One popular type of bottle is the bottle with drop in liner. These are easy for the parent because the liners are disposible which helps create less dishes to wash. They are great for the baby because the excess air is easly removed from the bottle by squeezing the liner. This will create less gas for the baby and will make less burping and mess.

There are also bottles that have been created especialy this in mind. These bottles have specially designed nipples that allow a certain amount of air escape while the baby is drinking. If your baby has problems with feeding or burps an abnormal amount, you may consider using one of these special bottles.

Other bottles have been designed that make it easier for the parents to clean the bottles. Gone are the days of needing a bottle brush. Modern bottles are designed to be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

No matter which type of bottle you choose for your baby, you want to make sure they are able to easily feed. You may need to try several different styles before you find the one that works best for you and your baby. Luckily many of the companies offer trial packages of their bottles to help you make a decision. With all of the varieties available, you will certainly find one that makes feeding, preperation and clean up a breeze for you and your family.

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Being a Surrogate Breastfeeding Nurse http://www.moontomars.org/being-a-surrogate-breastfeeding-nurse.html http://www.moontomars.org/being-a-surrogate-breastfeeding-nurse.html#comments Thu, 27 Jan 2011 10:15:01 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=184 There are plenty of babies who will not get the luxury of breast milk.  Whether it’s because the mother chooses not to, or the baby is being adopted, or other reasons, being a surrogate breastfeeding nurse can be a rewarding experience for you and the infant.

If a baby is going to be breastfed, it needs to happen as soon as possible.  The way a baby feeds is a learned behavior that establishes itself pretty quick.  If the baby starts with bottles, it will learn that the artificial nipple is what feeding time feels like, and it will only respond to that.   Although it’s possible to switch the child to breastfeeding, it will be difficult.  Therefore, if you’ll be substituting for a mother that will allow you to be present at the birth, that would be the ideal situation for a surrogate breastfeeding nurse.

It is recommend that you and the baby be skin to skin with you naked from the waist up and the baby only wearing a diaper.  This helps send the right signals to the infant about feeding.  Also, the baby needs to latch on well from the beginning to make surrogate breastfeeding successful.

If you are an adopting mom, who wants breastfeed your soon to arrive child, you may need to begin a hormone protocol to get an acceptable amount of milk from your breasts.  Whether you use hormones or not, be aware that it is likely you will not produce enough on your own milk to completely nourish the child.  Therefore, other options must be in place.  Some adopting mothers aren’t trying to be a surrogate breastfeeding nurse in lieu of the child’s natural mother.  It could be that a new mom simply wants to create that bond with the new baby.  Producing milk may be secondary.

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Honor the Family With Your New Baby’s Name http://www.moontomars.org/honor-the-family-with-your-new-babys-name.html http://www.moontomars.org/honor-the-family-with-your-new-babys-name.html#comments Tue, 25 Jan 2011 10:14:59 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=183 Your new baby is a new individual, but your whole family is excited that it’s coming to be a part of the tribe.  You’ll hear your mother say the baby looks like her daddy.  You’ll hear your father say the baby looks just like his sister.  It’s natural because we are all proud of our families.  Therefore, you might want to consider honoring your new baby with a family name.

You may want to choose a middle name that honors a brother or sister, or parent.  If you love your brother Justin, but you’re having a baby girl, try something like Justine.  Some names are unisex, so they’ll work in many ways.  Maybe you’ll combine a couple of family names to create your child’s name.  If dad is Terry and Mom is Lynne, Terry Lynn for a boy or Terri Lynne for a girl would make both new grandparents proud.

Another way to honor the family with your new baby’s name is to use a surname.  It’s common for the British to use a surname as a middle name.  A child might be Julia Scott Jones.  Scott may have been the grandmother’s maiden name.  This kind of name honors the bloodline.

Of course, you may want to use yours or your husband’s name for the child.  Certainly baby boys can be Juniors and so forth.  But using the new dad’s first name as that baby’s middle name is a great identity for the child, too.  Some expecting parents like to keep the baby’s name a secret and then surprise some deserving relative upon the baby’s arrival.  Nothing makes a grandpa prouder than to know his first grandson is named after him.  It expresses your eternal love for the honored family member.

If there’s not a family member to honor, best friends are good name choices, too.

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Music in the Womb http://www.moontomars.org/music-in-the-womb.html http://www.moontomars.org/music-in-the-womb.html#comments Sun, 23 Jan 2011 10:14:57 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=182 The communication with a newborn should start before he or she ever arrives.  People who communicate with their babies can start to develop a healthy environment before the child actually arrives.  Many parents like to give their children music in the womb.  Often times, a musical dad will sit near his wife and play an instrument and sing to the baby.  If no one is musically talented, the music in the womb may be recorded.

Children who are conceived and develop in a stressful enviroment will start to be affected by it before they ever enter this world.  An abusive relationship between the parents is an abusive relationship for the baby, even while it’s in the womb.  If there is agitating activity, the baby will pick up on it.  The right kind of music can be a great comfort to everyone around.  Sometimes expecting mommies will notice that the fetus seems to dance in her belly when it hears music.  That’s a great sign, so expecting parents can capitalize on that and give the child the gift of music before it ever arrives.

If music isn’t a parent’s thing, try reading to the soon to arrive baby.  Talk to it soothingly.  Make sure that the energy that it receives is nurturing and loving.  There are more than physical ways to guarantee that a baby will be born healthy and happy.  The sort of communication it receives in the womb is where the proper emotional and psychological health begins.

It’s really common sense.  If the expecting mother is feeding herself good nutrition, she should feed herself a good environment, too.  A calm or enjoyable experience for her is a calm and enjoyable experience for her baby.  In the nature versus nurture model, nurture begins during pregnancy.  Much the way an expecting mom wouldn’t use drugs during her pregnancy, she shouldn’t use anger and unhealthy activities either.

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Quinoa is a Great Food for Nursing Moms http://www.moontomars.org/quinoa-is-a-great-food-for-nursing-moms.html http://www.moontomars.org/quinoa-is-a-great-food-for-nursing-moms.html#comments Thu, 20 Jan 2011 10:14:52 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=180 The prominence of the grain like food, quinoa, is starting to rise in the developed world.  Although it has been cultivated in the Andes for thousands of years, it’s just been in recent years that the nutritional value of this grain has been exploited.  For that reason, quinoa is a great food for nursing moms.  Whether it’s an iron deficiency or food allergy, this South American staple is a great substitute for wheat and even meat products.

Quinoa looks like bigger couscous.  It cooks like rice.  It’s texture and flavor will take a little getting used to, but if it’s prepared properly and even with a little culinary creativity, it is an excellent source of fiber, iron, protein, phosphorus and magnesium.  This is pretty much everything a nursing mom needs to stay healthy and strong.

An added benefit of quinoa is that, unlike wheat, it is gluten free, so it’s an excellent substitute when food allergies are a concern.  Food allergies can be hereditary, so if wheat has caused problems for the baby’s parents or grandparents, then the best way to head off the problem might be to consume safe, nutritious grains like quinoa.

Quinoa can be eaten like a rice or couscous side dish, but it can also serve as a great main dish.  Normally, it would be cooked the same as rice with two parts water to one part quinoa.  However, flavor can be added by substituting chicken broth for water.  It can be a great main dish by adding chicken or fresh vegetables to it.  For a super nutritious meal, add kale to the mixture.  Kale is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium.  Needless to say, a quinoa and kale combination would be about as nutritionally complete as a nursing mom could get.  Quinoa should be available in most finer grocery stores.

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New Parents Need to Nurture Their Relationship http://www.moontomars.org/new-parents-need-to-nurture-their-relationship.html http://www.moontomars.org/new-parents-need-to-nurture-their-relationship.html#comments Tue, 18 Jan 2011 10:14:49 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=178 A new baby is frightening and exciting.  This is doubly true for new parents.  It’s a whole new way of living, and there will be plenty to learn and adjust to.  They will love their baby more than anything else, but new parents need to nurture their relationship, too.

It’s not unheard of to have people divorce soon after the arrival of the first child. If all attention goes on the baby, and none is left for one another, resentment builds, and it can be devastating for the marriage.  Of course the baby is important.  In fact, that baby is so important that the parents have a responsibility to keep the marriage strong.

Most new parents have family or friends who are willing to babysit.  Don’t wait until the infant is almost grown before implementing date night.  Date night has grown in popularity with busy couples, so it should start as soon as the couple’s time together is threatened.  Even if that time together is spent home alone, then do it.  Date night doesn’t have to be extravagant.  It just has to be undivided attention on each other.

If a spouse sees his or her partner becoming overwhelmed by the new duties that come with a baby, they need to offer to take over those responsibilities for awhile and give the partner a break.  It will keep the marriage commitment strong.  Especially the part about for better or for worse.  Both parents need to take night duty.  Newborns wake up frequently, and it shouldn’t just be one parent’s responsibility to get up and take care of the baby.  Changing diapers, feeding and bathing should be treated the same way.

If the new baby is making it a bumpy relationship ride, don’t plan for a second child until the relationship is consistently being nurtured.  More challenges call for stronger marriages.

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Infant Bathing Safety http://www.moontomars.org/infant-bathing-safety.html http://www.moontomars.org/infant-bathing-safety.html#comments Sun, 16 Jan 2011 10:14:47 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=177 A baby can drown in as little as two inches of water.  Infant bathing safety has to be a constant on a new mother’s mind.  There a things to avoid and things one can do to make sure an infant is never at risk of injury or death while bathing.

Simply using a bowl of warm, soapy water to sponge a baby off is a very safe way to bath it.  Make sure the room is warm so that the infant doesn’t get chilled.  Not only is drowning an issue, but colds and other illness can be an issue, too.  Always use soft towels that have been washed in a product that is gentle and free of dyes and fragrances.  If you want your child to have a nice smell, try natural products that contain no harsh chemicals.

Putting an infant in a bathtub is a little risky.  If you do it, under no circumstances can you leave the child alone.  This is the cardinal rule of infant bathing safety.  It is a tragic story that we hear all too often.  If your choice is to put the child in the bathtub with you, it’s not a good idea to have deep water.  Although you wouldn’t let you baby drown with you there, the child could get water in its lungs if it should get splashed in the face or even temporarily slip under the water.

If you’ve never bathed a baby, it would be a good idea to learn how from an expert.  Maybe your own mother.  There are also numerous classes on infant safety and care.  It doesn’t hurt to attend one or two.  Message boards also offer good advice and discussions for new mothers about bathing techniques and safety.

Certainly, there are small tubs that are specially designed for bathing a baby.  They usually have features that help insure that the child will not drown.

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Picking the Right Soap for a Baby http://www.moontomars.org/picking-the-right-soap-for-a-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/picking-the-right-soap-for-a-baby.html#comments Sat, 15 Jan 2011 10:14:46 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=176 Newborn babies have such lovely, delicate skin.  A new mother doesn’t want to cause a rash or any discomfort to the child, so she’ll likely start asking about picking the right soap for a baby long before the infant arrives.  She is going to get many different answers and opinions, and all are worth considering.  Here are some of the top suggestions by actual mothers who have shared ideas with one another.

Johnson and Johnson
The top choice for just about all moms is Johnson and Johnson products.  They’ve been making baby products for years, and have lots of time and well tested products under their belts.  Moms don’t report any allergies or skin problems with these products.  They are gentle, and well established, so Johnson and Johnson can work for all preferences.

Deft has long been established as the right soap for washing babies’  clothes.  It is gentle and safe for allergies.  However some moms don’t care for this brand because they don’t think it gets the odor out of the clothes.  One mom highly recommends 20 Mule Team Borax to get baby’s clothes smelling fresh and clean.  The All brand of laundry soaps is getting rave reviews for gentle cleaning, as well.

Natural Products
Certainly, there are those moms who worry about the chemicals in commercially made products.  Therefore, some moms like Burt’s Bees products for children.  The soaps and lotions are gentle and safe, as well as free of any chemicals.  Gentle glycerin soaps are a good natural choice, too.

Picking the right soap for a baby is sometimes a matter of trial and error.  If one product seem to cause problems you may need to give others a try.  Often, skin irritations are caused by soaps.  It seems inconvenient to have special soaps just for the baby, but it’s the smart thing to do in the long run.

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How to Buy a Stroller http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-buy-a-stroller.html http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-buy-a-stroller.html#comments Thu, 13 Jan 2011 10:14:45 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=175 One of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy for your baby is a good stroller.  Knowing how to buy a stroller will help you get your money’s worth in features and safety.  First, it’s important to know that there are economical strollers available that will serve your needs as well as the really expensive brands.

Never buy a used stroller.  Although the reduced price is tempting, you really don’t know what problems may be lurking in the near future.  Graco is an economy brand that will save you money while keeping your baby safe.  Full sized strollers have historically been bulky, as well as expensive, but even the economy brands are making these strollers easier to maneuver, put away and store.

With storage in mind, decide whether the stroller will fit in your car trunk.  How easy is it to fold up.  Look for one you can fold with one hand.  Also, make sure it will allow your baby to lie completely down.  Infants are not able to support the weight of their own heads, so they’ll need to be flat.  Some strollers will accommodate a carrier.  Also, look for a five point strap system.  Some parents report that their kids can wiggle out of a three point system.

Never buy a stroller without laying your hands on it.  Look for sharp edges.  Gently press down on the handle and see if it wants to pop a wheelie.  Make sure padding is sufficient.  The canopy needs to provide lots of coverage from sun, rain and wind.  A little bootie system is also good for keeping your baby’s feet protected.  Also look for a locking mechanism that keeps the stroller from collapsing accidentally.

Tires will vary for lifestyle.  Whether you walk on a sidewalk or run trails, there will be a tire to suit you.  Just know that inflatable tires will need air occasionally.  Since options vary, look closely before choosing your stroller.

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Your Baby Eats What You Eat http://www.moontomars.org/your-baby-eats-what-you-eat.html http://www.moontomars.org/your-baby-eats-what-you-eat.html#comments Wed, 12 Jan 2011 10:14:43 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=174 Breastfeeding mothers need to remember that their baby eats what they eat. Therefore, a healthy mommy diet is a healthy baby diet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a healthy diet.

Fish is good. At least most fish is good. Omega-3 can be found in salmon, rainbow trout and mackerel. These are great choices, but canned tuna may have too much mercury. Therefore, limit to no more than 12 oz. of tuna a day. The benefits of omega-3 are widely known, so don’t stop eating fish while breast feeding.

Fruits and fiber are also important for the breastfeeding mom on the go. When there’s no time to sit down for a meal, grab some fruit for the road. Of course, you’ll be feeding yourself and your baby good vitamins, too. Bananas contain enough calories to hold a breastfeeding mother over for an hour or so, until she can sit down and eat a meal.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. If a drink just needs to be enjoyed, make sure it is done at least two hours before breastfeeding to avoid getting alcohol into your baby’s bloodstream. Caffeine can make a baby irritable, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. Water is always the drink of choice to keep production and let down good during breastfeeding.

If it’s gassy and spicy to you, it’s gassy and spicy to your baby. Avoid too much of these kinds of foods to keep you both from being miserable. Also, watch out for foods that someone in your family has an allergy to. It’s a safe precaution for your baby, just in case they have the same allergy.

Common sense will tell you that a healthy diet for a mother is passed on to her children.  You’ve made some of those changes during pregnancy, so keep it going so you and your children can lead healthy lives beyond the breastfeeding stage.

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Home Remedies for Nursing Moms’ Breasts http://www.moontomars.org/home-remedies-for-nursing-moms-breasts.html http://www.moontomars.org/home-remedies-for-nursing-moms-breasts.html#comments Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:14:41 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=173 Breastfeeding is the most effective way to nurse a child and insure that it will have a healthy immune system. However, the nursing mom can suffer from sore breasts and cracked, painful nipples.  Needless to say, these are not new problems.  They’ve been around forever, plenty of women over time have found effective home remedies for nursing moms’ breasts.

Ways to alleviate sore breasts

Wear a supportive bra, but make sure it isn’t too tight.
Make sure you position your baby right during feeding.
Let the baby feed whenever it wants to.
Use cold packs to relieve soreness.
Express some milk before the baby feeds to help it latch on more easily.

Ways to relieve sore and cracked nipples

Make sure the baby is positioned properly and latched on correctly.
Apply a cool compress after feeding.
Keep shifting the baby from breast to breast.
You can also apply comfrey ointment to the nipples after feeding, but clean it off before feeding again.
Cracked or bleeding nipples can benefit from yarrow infused oil.
Eat a diet rich in vitamin C and E.  Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C.

Before you begin breastfeeding, ask your doctor to instruct you in the proper way to do it.  Many of the painful issues associated with feeding a child are due to inexperience in breastfeeding.

A few other home remedies for the nursing mom include putting fresh aloe on tender nipples.  If an infection is present, Calendula cream or ointment is a good solution.  Just remember to wash it off before your baby feeds.  Olive oil, lanolin, and sweet almond oil are good everyday moisturizers that can help prevent problems before they start.

If a home remedy isn’t working, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.  There’s no point in compromising your health or your baby’s health because an uncomfortable condition becomes infected.

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Babywearing Products Take Skill to Use http://www.moontomars.org/babywearing-products-take-skill-to-use.html http://www.moontomars.org/babywearing-products-take-skill-to-use.html#comments Sun, 09 Jan 2011 10:14:38 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=172 People have been wearing their babies for centuries.  It is not a practice confined to one culture.  As mothers and some fathers go about their lives, they may also have to carry an infant.  There are many styles of babywearing products, and all of them take skill to use.  No product is just going to do it all for a parent.

With a little research on the right product for you, and then a little practice using it, you’ll find that babywearing is a comfortable way to keep your baby close to you as you go about your day.  Experieneced babywearers can do just about anything.  They cook, wash, garden, shop, and even hike while wearing their baby in a secure pouch that is attached closely to their body.

Some people wear their babies against their chest.  Others prefer to have the baby secured to their backs.  And some wear the baby on the hip.  Baby carriers are as simple as a piece of folded and tied cloth, to something as complex as a backpack like carrier with a rigid metal frame.

Some safety tips to baby carrying are:
Make sure your baby can breathe.  Make sure the baby’s chin doesn’t get curled against its chest.
Never run, jog or bounce when wearing a baby.  This is the same as shaking a baby.
Do not wear your baby while driving.  A baby carrier provides no protection in an accident.
Make sure the baby carrier is the right size for your baby.  If it’s too big, the child could fall out.

Give your babywearing product a once over regularly.  Make sure there are no dangerous rips in the cloth or structural problems.  Don’t forget to protect the child from exposure to sun, rain, wind and temperature.  Although the child is snuggled in close, they can still be affected by the elements.

Always do your homework and check out and try out a babywearing product before you buy it.

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Resolving Your Financial Woes http://www.moontomars.org/resolving-your-financial-woes.html http://www.moontomars.org/resolving-your-financial-woes.html#comments Sat, 08 Jan 2011 13:16:30 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=102 When couples experience financial problems, it has wide-ranging effects. The financial stress causes anxiety and sleeplessness. It increases alcohol consumption and smoking. Worst of all, people can start criticizing their spouses, which leads to deterioration in the relationship. Then, the couple has marital problems on top of financial ones.

There are several easy things you can do to do to reduce the strain on your family budget. They help you control spending so financial problems don’t get out of hand.

• Set aside a regular time with your spouse when you can calmly and unemotionally discuss your financial situation. Set up a plan for accomplishing your financial goals.

• Find simple ways to cut back on expenses. Consider taking your lunch to work instead of eating out. Reduce the number of times you eat out a week. Don’t buy snacks and drinks when you stop for gas. Don’t buy name brand clothing. Cancel your TV cable subscription.

• Gather information that can help reduce debt. Borrow a helpful book from the library or get financial pamphlets from companies such as GreatPlainsLending.

• Talk to your mortgage lender about refinancing your home. See if you can get a lower interest rate on your home loan.

• Consider downsizing both your home and your vehicles. Smaller homes and vehicles (and fewer vehicles) can reduce financial strain on your family budget.

• Reduce the number of credit cards that you use. Eliminate credit cards for department stores, sales catalogs, and sporting goods stores. Have just one or two major credit cards.

• Think about getting a payday loan through Great Plains Lending. A small temporary loan can help you with bills for unexpected emergencies such as your child breaking an arm at school or getting into a fender bender car accident.

• Talk to a financial advisor about filing for bankruptcy, what it means, and if it would be a good plan for you.

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Deciphering Baby Needs Through Baby Sounds http://www.moontomars.org/deciphering-baby-needs-through-baby-sounds.html http://www.moontomars.org/deciphering-baby-needs-through-baby-sounds.html#comments Sat, 08 Jan 2011 10:14:37 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=171 Babies talk.  It’s not just gibberish.  There is actually meaning to all those sounds your baby will make.  You can decipher your baby’s needs through baby sounds.  The first tip to learning to understand your infants communication is to pay attention before he or she starts to cry.  Just like adults, it’s hard to figure out what a baby is saying if the baby is screaming.  Also, all babies sound different because they’re all individuals.  You will learn your child’s sounds and eventually be able provide needs by what you decipher.

Babies get hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable and gassy.  They’ll let you know when each of these things needs to be addressed.  The sounds they make are related to the physical state of their bodies when those situations arise.  For instance, when a baby is hungry it will make a sound similar to “neh.” It sounds a little like the sound adults make when something tastes good.  Their tongue is working to eat, so when you hear that sound, it’s feeding time.

After eating, the gas will happen.  If it’s burping gas, the air will be up in the lungs and constrict the baby’s ability to make sound.  What comes out sounds like, “eh.”  If you miss the burping opportunity, the gas will likely move to the intestines and the air will tighten the baby’s abdomen. You can decipher the “eihr” sound to mean your infant has gas and needs a little pat or rub on the lower back.  These sounds are all about attempting to take care of the problems themselves, so think about the sound and where it would come from in the infant’s body.

Tired baby sounds are probably the most recognizable.   If you want to get a jump on crying, listen for a yawning sound.  It sounds like a little coo or “owh” sound.  Try to start settling your infant down at that time.  You’ll be happy you listened.

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Best Breast Pumps for Mommies on the Go http://www.moontomars.org/best-breast-pumps-for-mommies-on-the-go.html http://www.moontomars.org/best-breast-pumps-for-mommies-on-the-go.html#comments Thu, 06 Jan 2011 10:14:36 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=170 In today’s economic times, it’s not so easy to stay home and take care of infants.  Today’s mommies have to work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feed your baby breast milk.  It’s unanimously agreed upon by doctor’s that breast milk is much better for babies’ immune systems.  Therefore, it’s good to which are the best breast pumps for mommies on the go.

Each mother is individual in her preferences, and breast pump manufacturers are aware of that, so definitely shop around for the machine that will work best for you.  If you’re looking for a system that is efficient from pumping to safely storing your breast milk, you may want to invest in the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump. This set up switches from stimulation to expression to help the new mom get the most milk.  It comes with a cooling storage unit, all parts and efficient carrying bag design to hold everything neatly.  This breast pump runs around $330.

For something a little more compact and quick, the same company makes a battery operated unit with adjustable single-handed control.  It’s not as complex, but it’s a good, lightweight way to ensure you’ll be able to have breast milk for your infant, even when the child is not with Mommy.

Philips AVENT ISIS IQ breast pumps learn your pumping rhythm and therefore remember what is comfortable for you every time you use them.  If breast feeding can be uncomfortable for you, this might be the best system.  Certainly, mommies get sensitive breasts as they go through the feeding process.  These systems run anywhere from $150 to $350, but can be found on some websites for less than $100.

Always shop around for the best prices since breast pumps can be expensive.  You want to save money for all the other wonderful things that come with being a new mom.

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5 Tips to Help Babies Sleep Through the Night http://www.moontomars.org/5-tips-to-help-babies-sleep-through-the-night.html http://www.moontomars.org/5-tips-to-help-babies-sleep-through-the-night.html#comments Wed, 05 Jan 2011 10:14:34 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=169 If you’re a new parent, get ready to be really, really tired.  Because newborn babies neurological systems are not fully developed, neither are their sleep patterns. Here are 5 tips to help babies sleep through the night.  However, no one had the wisdom of infant care like a mother who has already met this challenge, so take these tips to heart, but also ask your own mother. She is the real expert.

1.  Keep a baby active during the day.  When the infant is awake, make sure he or she is engaged in singing, talking and playing.  Get the baby used to household noises.  It’s those startling first sounds that can jar a baby awake.  Remember, infants have no idea what vacuum cleaner sounds like.

2.  Keep the bedtime routine consistent.  If that’s bath time, then always make it bath time.  If you start reading to your baby at night, always read to your baby at night.  Don’t constantly change the pattern.

3.  Keep night care low key.  There’s no avoiding it.  Babies will wake up at night.  Just keep the lighting and activity low key so that the baby stays drowsy as you change that diaper or breast feed.

4.  Give your baby it’s own bed.  Don’t bed share.  It’s harder for a baby to fall asleep if it’s in competition with another baby’s movement.  Also, it’s believed that bed sharing can increase the occurrence of SIDS.

5.  Wait a few minutes when the baby wakes up.  Sometimes babies just stir in the night, and crying is just a part of settling down.  Don’t rush in there immediately. Give it a few minutes before you decide to feed. It could be the baby will go right back to sleep.

There are many other tips to help  babies sleep through the night, so if you find one that works for you, by all means, keep doing it!


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The Importance of Family Planning http://www.moontomars.org/the-importance-of-family-planning.html http://www.moontomars.org/the-importance-of-family-planning.html#comments Wed, 05 Jan 2011 08:55:47 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=100 Having a child can be overwhelmingly complicated and confusing. With so many different options, an already hormonal new mom is caught in a hurricane of information that often contradicts and confuses. When you need to make sense of what is going on with all of the major changes that come along with starting a family, planningfamily.com is one resource that can help to calm your anxiety and give you the information you need to be empowered about your body and your life.

With thousands of possible pregnancy symptoms, it can be really helpful to know that the special mixture of symptoms unique to your pregnancy are normal and healthy. Whenever you need to know if what you are going through is natural, the Internet can be a source of great comfort. So many of the symptoms that can happen during pregnancy can be extremely shocking and strange and getting reassurance from other moms via blogs and web sites can make the difference between a joyful pregnancy and a stressful one.

Other factors that you may need help sorting out during, before and after pregnancy, are financial planning, finding a pediatrician, figuring out what childcare situation works best for your family, baby names and milestones. Being able to find all the information you need to plan for your family takes the hassle and stress out of one of the most important periods of your life.

Tracking your pregnancy week by week can also help you to know about possible changes coming your way. When you know that what is happening to you is normal, you will be relaxed when it does. Likewise, when something that can commonly go wrong does, you will be empowered with the knowledge to know what is wrong and what level of action is appropriate to counter it. Planning your pregnancy is the first step you can take towards being the best parent you can be.

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How to Treat Infant Constipation http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-treat-infant-constipation.html http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-treat-infant-constipation.html#comments Tue, 04 Jan 2011 10:14:32 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=168 Even infants can get constipated, but usually it doesn’t mean that the baby isn’t going at all, it just means he or she is passing hard, dry stools.  It’ rarely a serious issue, but rather the transition from breast milk to formula or formula to solid foods.  Here are some tips on how to treat infant constipation.

The first and safest thing to try is to give your infant more water.  If the stools are hard, try increase the amount of water you give the child.  Offer daily water at about two to four ounces a day, in addition to breast feeding.  You will then need to gauge your baby’s response to the water intake to see if it’s working.

Another tip is to try a little fruit juice to relieve infant constipation.  Juices such as apple, pear or prune can be helpful.  Once again, along with breast feeding, include about two to four ounces of juice in the infant’s diet.  Your baby may need more than that, so monitor bowel movements to determine if you need to increase the amount of juice just a little.

If you think the infant constipation is due to the transition from milk and formula to baby food, try foods that are higher in fiber.  Baby food barley is a good grain to use. Also, pureed pears and prunes  are high fiber fruits.  Rice is not recommended for constipated babies.

If the constipation persists, definitely see the baby’s doctor.  It is possible that there are underlying conditions causing the bowel problems.  This is especially important if there are other symptoms associated with dietary changes, such as vomiting.

Since constipation is about harder stools, for babies, you can always rub a little water based lubricant at the base of the anus to ease with discomfort.  Never use oil based lubricants on an infant.  Those products would be things like mineral oil or petroleum jelly.

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Bringing Home Baby http://www.moontomars.org/bringing-home-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/bringing-home-baby.html#comments Wed, 29 Dec 2010 14:00:21 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=96 There is nothing like the joy of bringing home your baby from the hospital. When mother and child are released there is sure to be a great celebration but if you are not properly prepared that celebration could quickly turn into an extremely stressful event.

Even if you think you are prepared, odds are you are not. There will be a wide range of emotions that everyone in the family will experience. Older siblings may exhibit jealousy, grandparents may not know when to leave and husbands may feel left out. Handling these little complications can be furthur complicated by a crying infant and irregular sleep habits.

A little bit of planning before the big event can help to insure that the homecoming goes as smoothly as possible. Hopefully, there was a baby shower to help you stock up on all of the supplies you are going to need. Stockpile diapers and bottles and other essentials long before the birth so no one has to run out and get them the minute mom comes home. It is also a good idea to make arrangements ahead of time if someone will be staying with you to assist with the newborn. Communicate this information to everyone in the family so that there will not be any surprises.

If you have older children, make sure that they are prepared for what to expect when the baby comes home. Tell them how the new child will require a great deal of attention in the beginning and apologize in advance for not being able to spend as much time with them. It is also important to encourage the older sibling to help with the care for the newborn baby, this can help head off any feelings of jealousy. There are some great books that you can buy for older brothers and sisters to help prepare them for a new addition.

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When Will Your Baby Sleep Through the Night? http://www.moontomars.org/when-will-your-baby-sleep-through-the-night.html http://www.moontomars.org/when-will-your-baby-sleep-through-the-night.html#comments Sun, 26 Dec 2010 13:59:25 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=93 Every new mom asks the same question, when will my baby start sleeping through the night? New mothers learn to adjust their own sleeping habits to adapt to the childs but they never stop longing for the way it used to be before the baby was born. Unfortunately, there is no uniform rule for when a baby will sleep through the night. The best answer is it depends on the child.

Even the definition of what it means to sleep through the night is one that is the subject of uncertainty. Some doctors will define it as being able to sleep for five hours in a row while others say it should be 8 to 12. It is unrealistic to expect a baby to sleep for eight hours or more in the first few months of life, especially if the mother is breast feeding. The stomach of the newborn is very small and they will require multiple feedings every day, several times a day.

Over the first two months of a babies life, they are going to sleep up to 18 hours every day but the sleep is going to be broken up into several short stints. Waking up two or three times a night is not uncommon at all during the first twelve weeks after the baby comes home. Doctors say about a third of all children will continue to wake up at least once a night throughout the first year of their life.

Because your baby is likely to wake up during the night when you first bring him home, it is a good idea for the mother and child to sleep together. Experienced moms say there is nothing wrong with letting the child sleep on your stomach even though some doctors may recommend against it. If you can get some sleep at the same time that the baby does, you will feel refreshed as well when they wake up.

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Getting the Baby’s Room Ready http://www.moontomars.org/getting-the-babys-room-ready.html http://www.moontomars.org/getting-the-babys-room-ready.html#comments Fri, 24 Dec 2010 13:58:13 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=81
A changing table for changing diapers.
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A little bit of planning before the birth of a baby can take a great deal of stress out of what is supposed to be a joyous homecoming. If you prepare the baby’s room ahead of time, you will have more time to be able to concentrate on tending to the needs of the child and making the occasion a truly happy one.

There are a number of things to consider when decorating the new room for the baby. Do you have a theme in mind? If you are not sure, consult magazines and web sites to get some ideas. A fresh coat of paint and decals or stencils to decorate the walls is a great start. What about furniture? Are you planning to use a crib from when you were a child that your parents saved? If so, you must check it out to make sure it is safe and then paint it or refinish it to match your decor.

As you decorate the room, it is also important to remember what you will be doing in this room. There needs to be a changing table and dresser for storing diapers and clothing. Don’t forget a baby monitor so that you know what the child is doing when you are out of the room. There should be a comfortable chair for mom to be used during feedings and maybe a radio or CD player to provide relaxing music.

An important part of prepping the room for the baby is stocking up on the supplies you are going to need. Diapers and wipes are essential. Make sure there are plenty of clean clothes which will fit the baby because several changes will probably be required each day. There should also be plenty of bibs for feeding and a small basin to bath the baby in.

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What to eat While Breast Feeding? http://www.moontomars.org/what-to-eat-while-breast-feeding.html http://www.moontomars.org/what-to-eat-while-breast-feeding.html#comments Wed, 22 Dec 2010 13:57:05 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=79 The number one rule for moms who are breast feeding is to eat more food than they are accustomed to. Doctors will typically recommend that women consume an additional 500 calories per day while they are breast feeding but they say those calories should include healthy choices not junk foods or deserts.

The most important element that you should focus your diet on while breast feeding is complex carbohydrates. These types of food should make up the bulk of what you eat each and every day. The National Academy of Pediatrics says fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of complex carbs that should be consumed by all new moms. Examples include; whole wheat bread, apples, oranges, broccoli and beans.

Carbohydrates have been scientifically shown to help the lactation process but it is also important for breast feeding moms to consume some fatty foods as well. Three servings of fat or protein are recommended each day to help produce milk that will be very beneficial to your child.

It is also important to make sure that you are getting your recommended daily amount of both calcium and Vitamin D. These are substances critical for bone development and it might be necessary to take a supplement while breast feeding. Discuss this with your doctor. Many doctors will recommend that the women stay on the prenatal vitamins they were taking when they were pregnant while they are breast feeding.

One common question that many breast feeding mothers will ask is what about alcohol? The use is discouraged during pregnancy but most doctors say it is all right to have an occasional drink while breast feeding. Use alcohol in moderation and do not have a drink within two hours of the time of a feeding. As for smoking, do not even think about it. The chemicals that you inhale from the cigarettes will end up in your breast milk.

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How to Prepare for Breast Feeding http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-prepare-for-breast-feeding.html http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-prepare-for-breast-feeding.html#comments Mon, 20 Dec 2010 13:55:46 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=77 After you have made the decision to breast feed your new baby, it is time to start preparing because the newborn is going to be hungry within minutes of coming into this world. There are things that new moms need to take care of in advance including preparing their bodies.

Doctors will monitor a mothers’ weight throughout her pregnancy not only as a way to check on the health of the child but to make sure that the mom is gaining enough weight to be prepared for breast feeding. The mom needs to gain an adequate amount of weight so that her breast milk has the proper nutrients for the infant.

It is also recommended by most doctors that moms who plan to breast feed see a lactation consultant, especially first time moms. These experts can recommend the best positions for breast feeding and will evaluate your nipples for potential problems. Once you make the decision to breast feed, it is important to stop the use of any soap or antibacterial cream on the nipples because that could dry them out.

New moms will have to purchase two or three nursing bras before the baby comes. It is recommended that you spend the money on top quality brassieres because comfort is critical at this time. Cotton will be the most comfortable. Stock up as well on breast feeding pads which will keep you dry, the disposable kind are the easiest to use.

You will also need to buy disposable bags for storing your breast milk and a pump for the times when you are not around to feed the child. If you store up milk, you can also avoid having to do all of the late night feedings and might actually be able to get a little bit of sleep. It is safe to keep fresh milk in the refrigerator for about three days and it will stay fresh frozen for up to three months.

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Caring for Your Newborn Baby http://www.moontomars.org/caring-for-your-newborn-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/caring-for-your-newborn-baby.html#comments Sat, 18 Dec 2010 13:41:11 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=69
A baby having milk from a bottle.
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No matter how prepared you think that you are, caring for a newborn child is always a challenge. You will face sleep deprivation and other frustrations as you try to make sure that you are meeting your baby’s every need. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it will be difficult to stop their crying and you will feel very help less.

When you get the baby home, it is very important that you do not forget to take care of yourself. Eating right and squeezing in some sleep here and there are essential to help your body recover from childbirth and to be ready for breast feeding. Make sure you have some help during the first week that the baby is home because you are going to need it.

One of the biggest challenges you are going to face is trying to comfort your baby when they cry. The two most obvious solutions are changing a dirty diaper or feeding the infant. If those do not soothe them, try cuddling the child in your arms or gently rocking the baby back and forth. Newborns love to be held.

New moms who are breast feeding always wonder if the baby is getting enough food. For peace of mind and to make sure you are doing it properly, schedule ahead of time a visit from a lactation consultant who can come to your home and watch you nurse. In the first few weeks, expect your baby to feed every two to three hours.

It is not necessary to bath your baby in the first few weeks of life instead a sponge bath is recommended. A warm wash cloth with a mild soap is all that is needed. Try to avoid getting the umbilical cord area wet. Antibacterial wipes also do a fine job of cleansing the child.

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How to File Taxes for This Tax Season http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-file-taxes-for-this-tax-season.html http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-file-taxes-for-this-tax-season.html#comments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 20:21:22 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=25 Tax season has rolled around again, and it’s time to get your W-2s and dependents in order so that you can complete your income taxes. Once you and your spouse receive your W-2s, let your accountant fill out your income tax forms. When you go into your accountant’s office, make sure that you bring your dependents’ social security numbers. This will allow you to claim your dependents on your tax form and receive a child tax credit, something you never had to do before you had kids. Bring in any receipts that you may have for things such as donations or medication.

There are some changes in store for the coming tax season. Taxpayers who itemize deductions, including mortgage payments, charitable donations, and medical expenses will need to wait to file their taxes between mid to late February. Taxpayers who plan on claiming the higher education tuition and fees and educator expense deduction will have to wait as well. When it is time to file, the Internal Revenue Service recommends that taxpayers choose to file electronically. Since there will be a delay in filing for some taxpayers, they can receive their refund faster by e-filing.

When it comes to filing your taxes, you can file by paper or electronically. The quickest way to receive your refund is by e-filing. The money can be deposited directly into your bank account within 10 days. When you file your taxes this year, the accountant won’t be provided with a debt indicator. The debt indicator in the past was provided to accountants to let them know if a taxpayer owed money, including being delinquent on taxes or child support. The IRS felt that the debt indicator wasn’t necessary this year since most taxpayers e-file and receive their money in a few days. The taxpayer will still be able to check on the IRS site for the status of their refund.

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Keeping Your Baby Healthy http://www.moontomars.org/keeping-your-baby-healthy.html http://www.moontomars.org/keeping-your-baby-healthy.html#comments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:40:10 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=67 When you bring a newborn home from the hospital, your top priority will be keeping your child healthy and happy. There are a number of precautions you can take at home to make sure that the baby is not exposed to any health threats.

First and foremost, stock up on hand sanitizer. Make sure that you use it regularly before handling your child and be diligent about making sure that visitors do the same. Be sure to stress to anyone coming to see the baby that they stay away if they are experiencing any flu like symptons including runny nose, fever or cough. It is also probably a good idea in the first week or two to keep the baby home to avoid exposing him to any germs.

Another way to protect your child is to be vigilant about cleaning toys, pacifiers and bottles that the baby comes in contact with. Use antibacterial wipes to clean them off. It is also important to wipe off the changing table before putting the baby on it for a diaper change.

Regular check-ups at the doctor are another important way to keep your infant healthy. Make sure that the baby’s immunizations are up to date and completed at the recommended schedule. Among the diseases that your infant should be innoculated against are meningitis, diptheria and hepatitis. If you have older children it is important that their immunizations are up to date as well, it not only protects that child but will protect the newborn too.

Breast feeding throughout the first year of life is another way to keep your child healthy. Doctors say that a mothers milk is the most nutritious way to feed a young baby. You do not have to worry about the baby developing any food allergies and mothers milk will help boost the infants immune system so that they can fight off infection on their own.

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Retirement Communities: Finding the Right One http://www.moontomars.org/retirement-communities-finding-the-right-one.html http://www.moontomars.org/retirement-communities-finding-the-right-one.html#comments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 01:25:41 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=23 Generally, when people are young they tend to look forward to aging. For instance, young people usually look forward to their 13th, 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays. However, the enthusiasm for aging usually diminishes once one turns 40. Why? Because, most adults are almost finished raising their children at this time and don’t feel like they have much time left… after all, they’ve already lived for half of their life-expectancy. This is why so many parents begin to think about their living alternatives as they age.

If you have aging parents who are beginning to think about their options for living accommodations when they are older, it’s probably time to mention retirement communities. Many senior citizens choose to move to a retirement community after they retire for several reasons. Some enjoy being around other adults that are the same age and who have similar interests. While others decide to make the move because they feel that they are safer than if they were living on their own. There are many reasons why seniors choose to move to a retirement community, but in most cases, this decision is one that the whole family needs to be involved in.

Your parents may need a little encouragement from you before they will begin to look at different retirement communities. To help them with this decision, you should go with them as they look at various properties. As you tour various communities with your parents, there are several important issues that you need to make sure your parents ask about. For example, your parents should consider the medical services provided by the community, the daily activities available, the price and all fees, and also how well the current residents like the community. Finding the right retirement community comes down to finding the one that meets your parents’ needs the best.

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How to Bath Your Baby http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-bath-your-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/how-to-bath-your-baby.html#comments Mon, 13 Dec 2010 13:38:45 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=62 It is very understandable to be nervous when it comes time to give your newborn baby their first bath. You do not know how they are going to react to the water and whether the temperature is too warm or too cold. If they start squirming will you be able to keep them safe and comfortable? Here are a few tips.

The most important tip is that for the first few weeks after bringing the baby home you should only be giving the newborn a sponge bath. A warm washcloth will do a more than adequate job of keeping the baby clean. You should continue the sponge baths at least until the baby’s umbilical cord falls off, after that you can move on to a full bath.

When the child is young it is easiest to give the baby a bath in a special plastic basin or the sink. It is not advisable to attempt to use the bath tub just yet. There is no telling how your child will react to the water, some love it and some will want out from the second they get in. Use warm water to fill the basin and use one hand to clean the baby while you keep the other hand behind the baby’s head.

Pick a warm room for the bath and never place the child in the water until the basin or sink has filled up, you do not want the baby sitting in the basin while the water is still running. It is also important to never leave the baby unattended while giving them a bath, not even for a second. Before you start the bath, make sure you have a towel close to dry the child off. Specially made towels with hoods are perfect for newborns to ward off the cold when you take them out of the water.

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What Does Your Baby Want? http://www.moontomars.org/what-does-your-baby-want.html http://www.moontomars.org/what-does-your-baby-want.html#comments Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:37:40 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=55
Crying baby (2)
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It would be so simple if they could just talk. The most frustrating part of being a new parent is wondering what the infant wants when they cry. Crying is the only way babies have to communicate their needs and we must try and learn to understand their language.

Most parents have a checklist that they go through when a baby cries to try and meet their needs. Check the diaper and change it if is wet or dirty. Crying could signal that it is time for the infants next feeding or it may mean that the baby has gas and needs to be burped. Crying can also be an indication that the baby is tired and you need to find a dark, quiet place to take the baby to try and gently rock them to sleep.

Experts say that you will learn as a new parent to distinguish between different types of crying. The most urgent cry signals that the baby is in pain and this is often the most frustrating. Two of the most common sources of pain are diaper rash or teething and there are simple treatments which can provide immediate relief. Ask your pediatrician to recommend a cream for diaper rash to soothe the child. Also, pick up a teething ring that can be kept in the freezer for when a problem pops up.

If the crying becomes so intense that it upsets you, it may be time for a break. Do not hesitate to hand the baby off to your spouse or ask someone to come over and help out. Anyone who has been through it knows that it can be extremely frustrating. No matter how frustrated you become however, experts stress that you can not in any way take it out on the child. They also caution against shaking a baby because that can do permanent physical damage.

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Make Sure Your new Baby is Being Nourished http://www.moontomars.org/make-sure-your-new-baby-is-being-nourished.html http://www.moontomars.org/make-sure-your-new-baby-is-being-nourished.html#comments Fri, 10 Dec 2010 13:36:35 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=53 It is often difficult for new moms to be sure that their newborns are getting enough to eat if they are breast feeding. You never know exactly how much milk they have consumed as you would if you are feeding them a bottle. Many also question if they are performing the breast feeding properly.

Proper breast feeding technique begins by having your baby in the proper position for feeding. The most common hold is the cradle position. Hold the child in both arms with his chest facing yours and his nose right under your nipple. Next, get the child to latch onto your breast by getting him to open his mouth and insert your nipple in, pulling the baby toward you as you do. You will feel a tug as the baby starts to suck and you may experience some pain for the first few minutes but that should go away.

You will be feeding your newborn between eight and twelve times each day and you will know that they are getting enough nourishment by checking their dirty diapers. In the first few weeks, there should be about six wet diapers each day and two bowel movements. If you do not notice this type of activity, check with your doctor. Another sign that they may not be nursing properly is if they cry often or seem to be always hungry. Your doctor can recommend a lactation consultant who can come to your home to make sure that you are breast feeding properly.

Nursing a baby can be frustrating at first but moms who do it say it is worth sticking with it because of the bond that it creates between mother and child. Most research also shows that breast feeding a newborn is the best way to nourish them in the first six months of life.

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Get a Custom Basin to Bath Your Baby http://www.moontomars.org/get-a-custom-basin-to-bath-your-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/get-a-custom-basin-to-bath-your-baby.html#comments Thu, 09 Dec 2010 13:35:10 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=47
Private cast iron bathtubs with porcelain inte...
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Some parents try to do it in the sink, others will take the infant into the big bath tub in the home. The best and safest way to bath a baby is in a custom bath basin which you can find at any store that carries baby items. Do some research and find the one that you like best and put it on your wish list for your baby shower.

Infant bath tubs are not very expensive and come with excellent features that can make the process of giving your child a bath much more convenient. There are some that also come with a digital temperature display so that you know exactly how hot the water is and whether it is safe for your child. Basins like the Cleanwater Infant Tub are custom made to easily be placed in a standard sink. Moms who have used this tub give it rave reviews saying it is the best $40 they have ever spent.

There are a number of other models that get good reviews as well like the Safety First Comfy Bath made by Dorel and the Primo Infant Bath Seat. All of the baby tubs are designed to be used until the infant is about six months old which is about the time that most infants become too big for the tubs.

One variation that can be used a little longer are inflatable mini-tubs which are designed to be used in the bathtub itself. You fill up the small inflatable tub with air and then set it in the bathtub for the bath. It looks like one of those small backyard inflatable pools and keeps the child from sliding around the tub. Kirby makes one called the Safety 1st Inflatable Tub which sells for around $15. Parents say it is very practical for older babies and conserves on the use of water so you do not have to fill up your entire tub.

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Best Gifts for the Parents of Newborns http://www.moontomars.org/best-gifts-for-the-parents-of-newborns.html http://www.moontomars.org/best-gifts-for-the-parents-of-newborns.html#comments Tue, 07 Dec 2010 13:34:20 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=45 We all shower newborns with gifts when they are born. Everything from diapers to baby clothes is brought for the child but what about the new parents? It would be very nice to provide them with some gift as well on the new addition to the family.

One of the best gifts that you can give to new parents is a digital camera or video camera. They are going to want to document through photographs all of the changes that the baby goes through in the early stages of life and all of the firsts that come with watching a child grow up. New flip cameras which take video that can be downloaded onto your computer and stored forever are not very expensive at all and are small enough that they can be held in the palm of your hand.

Other gift ideas for new parents include photo albums and custom frames. All new parents take tons of pictures and a special album to store them in or frames to put on display around the house will be greatly appreciated. You also might think about buying them a special software program for the computer to easily store photographs and enhance the digital images. This is a great gift for new parents who have family out of town and want to email them the latest photos of the new baby.

You also might want to do something special for the new parents like getting them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant and then offer to baby sit so that they can go out. New parents can benefit from a little time away from the child to get a chance to spend a little quality time together. The demands that come with caring for a new baby can often leave the new mom or dad feeling a little neglected by their spouse.

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Best new Products for Babies http://www.moontomars.org/best-new-products-for-babies.html http://www.moontomars.org/best-new-products-for-babies.html#comments Mon, 06 Dec 2010 13:33:02 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=42 Helping parents care for newborn babies is big business. There are a number of companies that specialize in products just for young children and they are constantly doing research to find new things that will keep the baby safe and help make the lives of parents providing the care a little easier.

The annual kids expo in Las Vegas is the place where most of the new baby products are introduced. The big hit of the latest show was the Zooper to Go high chair. it is designed to fold up quickly and easily, so it can be taken with you when you go out. The chair is for babies from 6 months old up to 45 pounds and sells for about $129.

Another hot new product that people fell in love with at the kids expo was the latest stroller from Micralite. Their Toro model has been a top seller and now with the Super-lite it has taken the luxury stroller to a new level. It weighs just 14 pounds and is completely collapsible for easy storage in the car but carries a hefty price tag at $330.

Clek Oobr is another popular manufacturer of baby products. It specializes in car booster seats. Their seats feature a magnesium frame which is extremely sturdy providing great protection for the baby or toddler riding in a car. The booster seats are for children who weigh between 33 pounds and 100 pounds and sell for around $200.

Have a baby that is tough to comfort and wants to be swayed back and forth all the time? The mamaRoo may be just the answer. Developers say this is as close as you can come to the actual feeling of being rocked in a persons arms. It also features variable speed controls to adjust the movement. It is a hot new product this year and sells for just under $200.

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Making Sure Baby Products are Safe for Your Child http://www.moontomars.org/making-sure-baby-products-are-safe-for-your-child.html http://www.moontomars.org/making-sure-baby-products-are-safe-for-your-child.html#comments Sun, 05 Dec 2010 13:32:01 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=40 There are a number of manufacturers of baby products across the world. Bargain conscious shoppers are always looking to save money but when it comes to purchasing things for your baby, it does not always make sense to scrimp. You could be putting your child’s safety at risk. You need to do some research to make sure that the products you are buying for your baby are safe to use.

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is in charge of making sure that products which are sold here are safe. Over the years, they have ordered the recall of a number of baby products because they discovered potential problems that could put a child at risk. It could be a baby crib that has slats too far apart or a child car seat that is unsafe that they have recalled and you need to be sure that you do not pick up one of these unsafe seats second hand.

The CPSC has a web site where it lists the latest recalls involving products for babies. One of the most recent recalls involves baby leg warmers which can pose a choking hazard to a young child. They are made by BabyUnited and the recall covers only the warmers which have a small heart on the legging, it can come loose.

Bassetbaby has issued another recent recall in cooperation with the CPSC which covers 90,000 drop side cribs that they manufactured. There is a potential strangulation hazard associated with the crib and mattress set and the units have been recalled so that the manufacturer can make safety corrections to it. Ethan Allen has also issued a recall of similar style drop side cribs because of a similar danger. They sold over 3000 of the cribs at their stores from January of 2002 through December of 2008.

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Setting a Schedule for Your new Baby http://www.moontomars.org/setting-a-schedule-for-your-new-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/setting-a-schedule-for-your-new-baby.html#comments Sat, 04 Dec 2010 13:30:47 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=37 When you bring your new baby home it is important to try and get into a regular routine as soon as possible. Caring for a newborn can be very challenging and anything that can be done to make things run smoother needs to be explored. Setting up a schedule for who handles late night feedings can help keep mom and dad as fresh as possible.

The most important thing to build into schedule is flexibility. The needs of your baby will vary from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. You can plan on feeding the baby between eight and twelve times every day and changing their diaper at least a half dozen times per day. How you schedule feedings will depend on if the mother is breast feeding, obviously she has to handle that. However, she can store up some milk so that dad can do it once in a awhile to give mom a break.

Most new moms will have their own mother or a friend come to stay with them for a few days when they first get home from the hospital. The new mom is likely still worn out from giving birth so she will welcome the help caring for the new baby. Make sure all of your family and friends know who is helping when so that you do not have a number of people in your house just hovering around.

A number of people will offer to help with meals and other chores. This is another time when a schedule can really help. If they are offering to cook for you, give them a day to bring something. This way, you won’t end up with six meals on the first day you come home and can spread out the help so that it truly is helpful.

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Father and Mother Know Best http://www.moontomars.org/father-and-mother-know-best.html http://www.moontomars.org/father-and-mother-know-best.html#comments Fri, 03 Dec 2010 13:29:27 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=34 The best advice that you will get in caring for your new baby is from other couples who have recently been through it. Perhaps you have a sister or brother who have a young child and the memory of getting through those first few weeks is fresh in their mind. It could also be a close friend who has just gone through it and may not only be willing to share some advice but maybe baby clothes and other equipment to save you some money.

Another great resource for caring for a child is your own mother. While it may have been a few years since they went through the process of taking care of a baby, they took care of you and no doubt gained some child rearing wisdom. A recent survey found that almost half of new moms rely on their own mothers or their mother in law for advice on how to care for their child. In fact, when they have a question about what to do most say they would call their mom before calling their doctor.

The best advice any mother or friend can give to a new mom is to try and prepare your home for the new arrival ahead of time. This means stocking up on diapers and baby bottles. It also means stocking the refrigerator or freezer so that you have easy to prepare meals for yourself and husband. You also might want to stock up on paper plates and cups so that you do not have the added concern of washing dishes.

Helpful tips from moms who have been through it will come in very handy, however there are those relatives who are a little too free with advice. If you know someone like this who is constantly trying to tell you what to do or how to do something, simply thank them for the advice and tell them you have things under control.

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Should You Breast Feed Your Baby? http://www.moontomars.org/should-you-breast-feed-your-baby.html http://www.moontomars.org/should-you-breast-feed-your-baby.html#comments Thu, 02 Dec 2010 13:28:05 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=32 There are a number of reasons why the American Academy of Pediatrics and health organizations across the world recommend that new mothers breast feed their babies. The consensus medical opinion is that the benefits of breast feeding far outweigh any negatives or inconvenience that the practice might cause.

At the top of the list of the reasons to breast feed are the health benefits for the baby. Research shows that babies who are breast fed develop fewer infections and have no allergic reactions to the feeding as some do with formula. Breast milk is easy to digest and puts no strain on the young persons stomach. It has also been shown to help develop the eyes of the child and the brain. Organizations like the Minnesota Department of Health say breast milk is the perfect food for babies.

There are also a number of benefits from breast feeding for the new mom. It can lower a woman’s risk for developing ovarian cancer, breast cancer and osteoporosis. It burns calories so it can help a new mom get rid of that baby fat faster. Breast feeding is also a wonderful activity to help build the bond between mother and child.

There are other benefits from breast feeding that the whole family will appreciate.
First, it saves the family money on buying formula which can be very expensive. It also saves you the aggravation of cleaning and warming bottles. A baby who is breast fed is also very easy to travel with because you do not have to worry about preparing a bottle while on the road or staying in a hotel. Another benefit to breast feeding is that it prepares the baby better for eating other foods later on. Breast milk will not always taste the same because it depends on what the mother has been eating.

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It is a Woman’s Right to Breast Feed http://www.moontomars.org/it-is-a-womans-right-to-breast-feed.html http://www.moontomars.org/it-is-a-womans-right-to-breast-feed.html#comments Wed, 01 Dec 2010 13:22:54 +0000 admin http://moontomars.org/?p=29 There have been a number of cases where a woman was blocked from breast feeding in public and from those cases new laws protecting a new moms rights have been adopted in cities all across the United States. These laws guarantee the rights of the mom to breast feed her child in public without fear of retribution.

There are a total of 44 states where the mothers right to breast feed at any public or private place is guaranteed under the law. There are also 28 states which specifically exempt a breast feeding mom from the state laws regarding public indecency. Many of these same states will also require public places like malls to set aside an area for breast feeding moms in some location other than a bathroom.

The federal government has also passed legislation that protects nursing mothers once they return to work. The health care reform act that the President signed into law included a provision that requires employers to give breast feeding moms the opportunity several times a day to pump milk from their breasts. The law also stipulates that employers must provide a safe location at work other than a bathroom where the woman can go to pump the milk.

The state of California has the most progressive laws regarding breast feeding of any state in the U.S. Not only does California require that women be allowed to breast feed in any public or private location, the state also exempts breast feeding moms from having to serve on a jury. The state is such a strong proponent of breast feeding by moms because of the research showing the health benefits for the baby. It requires the Department of Health to conduct public service campaigns encouraging new moms to breast feed their babies and requires public hospitals to promote the practice.

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