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Important Tips for New Moms

This baby is one month old. 

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As a new mom, you will undoubtedly be faced with a lot of unfamiliar trials. That’s a normal part of being a new parent, and a learning curve that every family has to go through. However, there are a few tips that can help you get through the stress.

  • Allow yourself to get away. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick five or ten minute break to regroup so that you are able to handle the demand of a new baby. Don’t guilt yourself for taking a couple minutes to yourself to read something interesting, like Moontomars.org, or walk out under the sun. You’ll be surprised with how refreshed you will feel!
  • Remember to turn off mommy mode. All parents need a break, especially new ones that are stressed. You aren’t going to be helpful when you’re too frustrated to think straight, and you certainly won’t be able to calm down a crying infant if you’re emanating stress from every pore.
  • Your baby loves you. Parenting a newborn is rewarding task, even if it does get frustrating sometimes. Your baby doesn’t expect you to be perfect – they just want you to be there. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do the first time around – in fact, you’re in good company because even second time parents don’t have all the answer!

The most important thing you can do right now is remember to breathe. Eventually, your baby will sleep the entire night and be able to communicate their needs to you in a more effective manner.




Adjusting to a New Baby


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It can be hard to adjust to having a new baby in the house, especially if you’ve never had any children before. Your sleep pattern will be disrupted, and it will be difficult to think of anything other than taking care of the baby. However, it’s very important that you remember to take care of both yourself and your partner so that your relationship and health are not compromised with the added stress.

  • Make time for a date away from the baby. You can find a babysitter you trust, or ask a family member to watch your infant – the important thing is that you get out for some time alone so that you can reconnect with your partner.
  • Join a parenting group in your community. This can be a great way to connect with other new parents, make some new friends, and receive help with the adjustment phase. Sometimes, all it takes is the reassurance that someone else is going through the same stressful situation. Parenting groups are a great place to find tips on feeding your new baby, and learning how to prevent common health problems as well, like constipation.
  • Visit Moontomars.org. You can find helpful advice and articles that will help you learn more about your infant.

Taking care of a tiny being that can’t voice its needs is a difficult task, and having a trusted resource to read can be very helpful. As a new parent, you aren’t expected to know how to do everything! Books and online articles can be wonderful preparation for the actual event, and can become a valuable tool to lean on during tough times.




Tips for Parents with Babies that Don’t Sleep Through the Night

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Unfortunately, most babies are not born with the ability to sleep through an entire night. However, there are ways to ensure that you will get enough sleep to remain functional when your baby is awake.

  • Try sleeping when they do. Many new parents find that it is easier to sleep when their newborn does, instead of trying to uphold their previously normal sleep schedule. Frequent cat naps are a great way to rejuvenate the spirit and make it easier to deal with stress – which is an added bonus of getting some shut eye while the baby sleeps.
  • Alternate sleep shifts with a partner. If you have a spouse or partner in the house, then you should consider taking turns staying awake with the baby. This will even out the new responsibilities and make it a lot easier to for everyone to get the sleep that they need. If you don’t have anyone living with you that can share the responsibility, you can always ask a close family member or friend to stay with you for a couple of weeks.
  • Seek advice from other parents. One of the best ways to learn how to cope with a new baby that doesn’t sleep is to simply ask other parents how they do it. Reading trusted authorities on the subject of parenting is another great resource for the new parent, and Moontomars.org is a great place to start.

Even though it may seem like an impossible task right now, you will eventually get a good night’s sleep again. Just be patient and learn to go with the flow until both you and your newborn adjust to each other.




Ways to Make Your Cleaning Chores Easier

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Keeping up on house work is a tough job for new moms. They are tired, not usually feeling perky, and have a hard time finding the time to make sure the house remains in order. This is especially true if the baby is brand new, and is demanding a lot of care. There are some things however that busy mommy’s can do to keep up on all the tasks around the house, without sucking up too much time to do so, and the best way to accomplish this is with basic chores lists.

Breaking House Work Down

Breaking down the tasks into sizable chunks is a great way to do bits and pieces, allowing the house to get cleaned during the week, and not all in one day. This also means that a busy mom can devote the time she needs to her family and not just the floors. Here is a sample list that works well:

1. Monday: clean bathrooms. This might sound basic enough, but the bathroom is an area that is alway lurking and rarely gets attended to.

2. Tuesday: clean kitchen. Make this a top to bottom cleaning. This will help keep things organized for the rest of the week. Consider making this the grocery shopping day as well.

3. Wednesday: Laundry catch up, and tidy master bedroom. This is a great way to get all that laundry cleaned and ready to go.

Create a list for the rest of the week. You will find out what works best for you, and what type of routine you prefer.

Planning the Perfect Mommy’s Night Out

Being a new mommy can be exhausting. One of the biggest complaints that new mother’s have is that there is no real conversations with adults, and they find that this is something they crave. The perfect solution for allowing new mom’s that ideal adult time, while still getting a break, with a mommy’s night out.

Planning The Perfect Night Out

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This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the extra help that others around offer to provide. There are a couple of different ways to go about planning this, and much of it depends on the stage that your baby is in. For instance:

1. If baby can sleep through the night and is bottle fed, then this might be a good time to ask a fellow mom to help out. This creates a nice relationship with another new mom because when she would like her night out, you can return the favor.

2. If baby has health issues, needs breast milk, or still very young, then depend upon a significant other or a grandparent. These people will be better suited to handle the challenges of working with a new born, and they also will not mind if you call a few times to check in.

It is important that new moms get their time with friends. There are days that are stressful, and it is important that you network to find friends and family members that will support you when you need your time. Some experts have suggested that new mothers get one afternoon a week to themselves in order to maintain positive mental health.

Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mom seems to be a tougher job today than ever before. Not only are moms expected to work to contribute to a family’s finances, taking care of the kids is still a full-time job. Talk about a second shift. Moms barely have time to rest, let alone any disposable time for hobbies. However, rather than fret over the lack of time, savvy moms make the most out of the time they have with the tips below.

Instill Smart Habits

Children might be precious angels, but that doesn’t mean assigning chores at a young age violates child labor laws. Put the kids to work in some light tasks to give them a strong work ethic from a young age. It does not have to be all heavy labor tasks like hanging dry wall in apartments for rent, but things like “family cooking time” can be a fun, and useful, way for mothers to bond with their children.

Just make sure that the kids help with the clean-up later. If they complain, remind them that those who help to make the mess need to help clean it up. Even though it might not be easy, teaching kids good habits at a young age might be the best way to keep your house clean, while teaching an important lesson at the same time.

Its Own Reward

Mothers do not get the pay they deserve for raising smart and healthy children. Rather than a financial reward, moms will have to settle for well-behaved and helpful kids, who don’t mind cleaning up around the house.


Just for Mom: Taking a Mini Vacation

Having a mom mini-vacation is extremely important for your health. It is easy for a mother to get into a habit of only focusing on everyone else. This is a dangerous habit because you need time to relax, reflect and sleep. Think back to before you were a mom, if you can remember, and it’s likely you did things on your own or with your friends on a regular basis. You had a good balance of social, work and alone time. That balance is even more important when you become a mom.

Never feel guilty about occasionally needing some time away from your children. This gives you the ability to refresh and clear your mind. Your children will still love you when you return home from the spa or dinner with your girlfriends. Mom time is so important because it gives you the ability to still have your identity. Sure, you are still mom, but you are also a person.

Not only does me time benefit you, it also benefits your children, your partner, your work and your life. You will begin to notice when you need a mini vacation because you will start feeling overwhelmed, trapped and irritated. Get out of the house and allow canada 411 to help you find a place you can relax. You should be getting about six hours of me time a week. It may seem like too much, but it is less than one hour a day.

Your family needs to be able to operate without you once in awhile. Give your partner the chance to be in charge. Everyone benefits from your mini vacation.

Mommies Deserve a Mini Vacation

New moms will agree that taking a break from the riggers of early motherhood can be a good thing. Once baby is sleeping through night, that may be a good time to consider a quick night away, or even a weekend. Some great ideas to look into include a local spa, Bed and Breakfast, or even a girls night out.


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Getting Ready For A Break

Getting ready for that perfect little mini vacation means that both baby and mommy need to be ready. One of the best indicators of whether or not the baby is ready is by analyzing their sleep pattern. If baby can get a full eight hours, then Daddy, a baby sitter, or another relative will be up for the challenge of caretaker for a night.

Show the person that will be caring for your baby how to properly bath, change, and feed the baby, so that you have complete peace of mind while away. If the baby has any health concerns, this is a good time to address all issues that may arise. If your baby is still breast feeding, make sure to leave enough pumped milk behind so that there is a fresh supply.

After all of the major issues have been discussed, it is now time to take that break that you surely deserve. While you are away try to focus on relaxing and engaging with other adults. This will go a long way to helping you rejuvenate and get ready to dive back in to being a new mom.

Let Sleeping Dogs or Babies Sleep

Many nervous new parents want to make sure the infant is all right when he or she is asleep. If you are one of these parents, you can check if the baby is all right – without actually waking the baby. If you watch the baby’s chest, you can see it rise and fall. If that does resolve concerns, you can place your hand on the infant’s back or chest and feel the movement. Some people place a mirror or their hand near the nose or mouth to test for breath.  Waking the baby up during the night can establish a routine of waking during the night and will take longer for the baby to adjust to sleeping through the night.  Babies need as much as 16 hours a day or more of sleep.

During the first month or two, your baby probably will not have a regular sleep pattern, but as the baby gets a little older, a pattern will emerge, and if necessary, sleep training can be used to get your infant onto an appropriate schedule.

Some parents prefer to stick to strict schedules and others prefer to let the infant set their own schedule. Either way, when working toward getting your baby to sleep through the night, as bedtime schedule or routine is a good idea. If you give the baby a bath or read a story before putting the baby to bed, do it consistently, each day at the same time and in the same way. You and your baby will come to learn this is the routine that signals bedtime for the night versus just a nap.

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During difficult financial times, it’s important to find ways to save money and keep a balanced budget. This is especially true if you or your spouse have recently been laid off. While you scramble to get unemployment or a new job lined up, refinancing your family car can be a great way to save money and stay current on bills. If a loss of income makes it difficult to pay your bills or put food on the table, lowering your monthly car payment is probably the easiest way to minimize your financial obligations.

Refinancing a car loan can work in two different ways. First, you may have a loan that lowers the interest rate. If you have good credit or strong job history, you may qualify for a very low interest rate. This reduces the amount you pay over the life of the loan in addition to lowering your monthly payments. Car refinance loans can also extend the life of the loan. In this case, the payment of the loan is stretched out over a longer period of time; this results in lower monthly payments.

The family car is an important part of work, school, and family activities. If money is tight, refinancing the loan can mean the difference between defaulting on the loan and staying up-to-date on payments. Lenders are typically willing to work with families that are dealing with a decrease in income. They would rather refinance and help you keep up with payments than have to repossess the car and lose money on it. When you get laid off, refinancing your car loan can really help your family.