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The Basics of Oil Field Waste Disposal Management

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The dangerous waste byproducts of oil and gas discovery make the argument for clean energy a valid one. New drilling technologies give oil companies more ways to reach reserves. Because of the controversial drilling technique called hydrolic fracking, health concerns have risen for families living in or near oil fields.

The Bakken in North Dakota is reportedly the biggest untapped oil reserve in America. It stretches from North Dakota to Saskatchewan. Land owners in the area have little control over whether an oil well is on their property, or whether an adjacent well employs fracking.  However, they are finding their voice to protest the dangerous byproducts due to fracking leaks and also, the storage of waste in pits.

How Drilling Waste Is Stored

Drilling creates dangerous waste. Anything put down the drilling hole has to come back up, and when it does, it comes with many dangerous toxins. Those nasty liquids and chemicals have to go somewhere, so instead, they go into pits and salt caverns. These can be naturally occuring or man-made. Overflow due to flooding, and seepage into bedrock can taint water supplies.

What the Government Is Doing About It

Tapping new oil reserves is a necessary tactic to keep energy prices down in America. While researchers work to make alternative energy sources more affordable, the public is still reliant on fossil fuels. Although the news is full of positive reports about clean energy, people are still concerned about their health due to the old energy technology.

Federal regulators are sensitive to potential health hazards, and new rules are provided for the oil companies drilling in the Bakken. To help this case, federal regulators have proposed closed drilling systems. This means that everything that goes down the tube has to come back up the same tube. This system contains the waste.

Know Your Rights As a Landowner

If you own property that has a waste pit, make sure you stay in close contact with the oil company. Contact information is usually posted near the site. These pits can overflow after a big snow melt, and the toxins can get into waterways, eventually reaching farms and ranch land. Many well operators want to be good neighbors, and they will address your concerns.

Talk to your neighbors. If an adjacent landowner allows a waste pit, then make sure he or she is aware of your health concerns. A pit close to your home is unsafe for you and your children. Although you can’t completely stop oil exploration, you can let the state and federal representatives know your concerns.

Remember that you have a vote. Landowners who work together to protect the natural resources of North Dakota and the Bakken can help achieve a safer energy plan. If the number of people against unsafe oil field waste disposal is large enough, your representatives will be more motivated and compelled to do something about the situation.

Four Ways for Moms to Keep Children in the Best Health

Everyone stresses over a sick child, whether it’s a long-term illness or a case of the sniffles. Mothers often wait to see if a small sniffle will develop into pneumonia. One of a mother’s greatest concerns is to keep her children healthy. There is no sure-fire way to keep kids 100% healthy all the time, but here are four great ways for moms to keep their kids in the best health they can be!

Good Diet

A good diet is essential for any child’s health. This is a society that is so busy that anyone barely has time to think about eating well. It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat healthy. Getting back to basics and cooking from scratch is a cheap way to eat healthy. If time is an issue, simply prepare ready-to-eat meals or use the crock-pot. Inexpensive granola bars and homemade applesauce are easy to prepare and can be snacks on the go.

If you don’t feel your child is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals they need through their diet, consider a multi-vitamin.


Exercise is key to battling childhood obesity and chronic health issues. Kids these days lead a more sedentary lifestyle than before. Make exercising fun by doing family activities like bowling or going swimming together. Biking and playing in the park are free activities and can be great exercise.

Regular Medical Care

Regular checkups are essential for children’s health. Children need preventative medical care in all areas including dental and vision care. Regular checkups assure your child is up-to-date on important immunizations and can help assure small conditions do not turn into large ones. A small cavity that is not attended to could result in a large root canal.

Even with regular check-ups, accidents can still happen. Children can injure themselves at playtime, or sometimes they get hurt while at school. For these serious incidents, it is important to obtain the necessary medical care that your child requires. For situations like these that come bundled with a large hospital bill, it may be worth your while to look into cash loans from Plain Green Loans.


Children need good sleep habits. Children need between eight to ten hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep results in sluggish behavior and can cause inability to focus and concentrate. When a child’s immune system is weakened by a common cold or flu, sleep becomes even more vital to fight off the illness.

Keeping children healthy all the time is next to impossible. But if you follow these four tips, they will definitely be on their way to better health. Have peace of mind when it comes to your child’s health.

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