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Earn Your Degree from Top Online Colleges

Image: Josh Mazgelis via Flickr

Online education has come a long way since it was first introduced. What once was a casual online degree program that made employers skeptical is now just as desirable as a traditional education. Employers are now embracing online education programs as a way to improve the education levels of their employees without sacrificing work time in the office; additionally, parents embrace online education offerings since it allows them to further their education at a top school without uprooting their family.

The list of top 50 online colleges in the United States has never looked so prestigious. Prominent universities all over the country are realizing that online education for non-traditional students is every bit as important as traditional on-campus learning.

Here are some of the top online institutions in the United States to look into when you start your initial research.

1.) Penn State World Campus

No matter if you live in the central Pennsylvania area or anywhere around the country, the nationally acclaimed Penn State University World Campus couldn’t be a better place to start your online education. The University offers plenty of on-campus benefits to students that live nearby in addition to a wealth of resources for telecommuting students, including access to the renowned Penn State library. The institution has been offering online classes since the late 90′s and the prestigious school is bound to look amazing on any resume. Prepare to pay for that resume name, however: tuition ranges from $6,000-8,000 per semester.

2.) University of Massachusetts-Amherst (UMASS)

UMASS is a top college in the United States and their application process is no light matter. Expect to work hard and aim high in order to get in here. All students pay the same tuition no matter if they are residents of Massachusetts. The school offers an impressive array of degree options, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.

3.) Boston University

Boston University has won numerous awards for their online learning programs, including the Silver Best-Practices Award for Distance Learning Programming in 2010. The school is a nationally acclaimed university that boasts a selective admission process. Best of all, each course runs seven weeks and students may enroll at any time throughout the year. The university also boasts low student-teacher ratios. Course hour prices for Boston University range from $300-1300.


Don’t let the prices of these top universities scare you off from applying. There are tons of scholarships loans out there to help you further your education — and there are also plenty of acclaimed programs with lower tuition costs. Choose the school that’s right for your future and¬†your budget.